I want to be ahead of a little issue I seem to have every winter. I tend to gain a few pounds from eating. If you don’t have this problem, I’m not jealous of you at all…

Hibernation isn’t just for bears my friends. We are inside our warm homes, escaping from the cold outdoors, in front of our fire and watching television under our cozy blankets. We eat more calories and crave comfort food.

As a matter of fact, our body requires more food to burn energy because our metabolism increases during the winter. We need the energy to increase our body temperature so we can stay cozy so we need more food!

Healthiest comfort food 2020

However, we need to eat more of the right food. We can do what our body naturally needs to do without adding the extra pounds.

I have the best and healthiest recipes to get you through your hibernation this winter. This is a collection of recipes from bloggers all over who have shared their secrets with. ENJOY!

Optimized Life
Optimized Life

Clean Living With Kids

Optimized Life
Optimized Life

Clean Living With Kids


Optimized Life

Fashion Faith Food

Fashion Faith Food

Fashion Faith Food

Please share anything that you found would help out a friend’s tummy.

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  1. Hibernation is real and I can totally relate to the winter weight gain. 😐All of these recipes look so good!

  2. very healthy recipes! Quinoa has a lot of health benefits, and i honestly love humus !
    Thanks for sharing these recipes!
    – The Handy Journal-

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  6. Thank you for providing yummy gluten free recipes! Keep them coming for sure!

  7. So many good choices! I really want to try the salmon burgers. Pinning for later!

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