If you are someone who personally struggles with hair loss, I’m sure you have tried everything under the sun. There are cleansers, creams, shampoos, and other products that promise to promote hair growth or even reverse hair loss.

I’m also pretty sure if you were to find a product that would combat your hair loss conditions without costing a fortune, it would be pretty life-changing for you right?

Also, what if I told you that hair loss may or may not be your fault. There are many factors that lead to hair loss such as environmental, hereditary, hormonal, aging, or even medical conditions.

carbon 60 for hair loss

That’s why I wanted to share this information I recently came across while studying a newly discovered molecule called Carbon 60 that is changing the future of medicine as we speak. In fact, the future of Carbon 60 is very promising and has caught the eye of medical professionals all over the world.

Using C60 for hair loss and promoting hair growth is just one of many benefits being discovered the more research that’s being done.

What Is Carbon 60?

What is Carbon 60 and where does carbon 60 come from? Carbon 60 is a molecule that is made up of 60 carbon atoms and is shaped like a soccer ball. It’s made a name for itself as the magic molecule or free radical sponge.

Carbon 60 was discovered in 1985 by 3 scientists. This discovery was so revolutionary that it led the team to win the Nobel Prize in 1996, just 10 years later! If you know anything about this prestigious award, you will know it takes much longer to win than just 10 years.

It’s hard to believe this molecule has been around since the beginning of time and was just recently discovered.

“Not only is C60 found in nature, but it very likely predates life on Earth. It is produced by dying stars, called red giants, and it can be found in meteor impacts, lightning strikes, and very tiny amounts can be found in the burnt wicks of candles.” – Purple Power

C60 is the highest antioxidant known. We’re talking several hundred times stronger than whatever you can think of being high in antioxidants.

C60 works as an antioxidant in the body, removing harmful free radicles. Because of the way this molecule is shaped, (like a tiny soccer ball) when consumed, C60 can reach all of your body’s cells.

What Are The Benefits Of Carbon 60

When cells function as normal, your body and organs also function as they should and that results in increased energy, optimal immunity, mental clarity, and many other health benefits.

A few other benefits researchers have been able to find with consistent use of carbon 60 include increased testosterone in men, pregnenolone hormone increase, and increasing libido just to list a few.

Carbon 60 has specially made a name for itself in the beauty industry. Many recent studies have shown carbon 60 can reduce wrinkles, aid in weight loss, protect skin from damage to the sun, and promotes hair growth.

There are two ways you can reap the benefits from c60 supplements. You can use it topically or orally. In order to do either of these, it must be mixed in an oil but not just any oil. Not all oils are created equally. The best oils to use are olive oil, coconut or c60 in MCT oil, or avocado oil.

I will explain this more in the article.

How Does Carbon 60 Promote Hair Growth?

Remember what I mentioned above about Carbon 60 being the most powerful antioxidant? Well, that’s why people are seeing great results using C60 for hair loss.

Studies have shown that by applying a C60 supplement to your scalp every day for 6 months, you could see a 16% increase in your hair growth. This study concluded that carbon 60 not only protected cells around each hair follicle from oxidative stress but it also restored inactive hair follicles which led to hair growth. Participants could see growth as soon as 3 months.

Which C60 For Hair Loss Supplement Is Better?

The process of making Carbon 60 is a very specific and time-consuming process. In fact, it typically takes about 3 weeks from start to finish to make.

A good quality c60 supplement is a little more expensive but it’s worth it. This is how you know your c6o supplement is free of any toxins, particles, solvents, or impurities. Trust me, you don’t want any of that. You also want to make sure your c60 is 99.99% pure carbon 60.

Using a quality product such as Purple Power C60 is the best way to achieve optimal hair growth. Purple Power C60 is 99.99% pure Carbon 60 and they are certified organic.

I personally use Purple Power C60 so that’s why I like suggesting that brand. Here at Optimized Life, we only recommend products we personally use and trust.

Optimized Life Carbon 60


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