If you are someone who personally struggles with hair loss, I’m sure you have tried everything under the sun. There are cleansers, creams, shampoos, and other products that promise to promote hair growth.

I’m also pretty sure if you were to find a product that would combat your hair loss conditions, it would be life-changing for you.

Carbon 60 for hair growth

That’s why I wanted to share this information I came across recently while studying a newly discovered molecule that is changing the future of medicine as we speak.

It’s called carbon 60.

What Is Carbon 60?

Carbon 60 aka c60 is a molecule that is made up of 60 carbon atoms and is shaped like a soccer ball. The shape is what gives it amazing properties.

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Carbon 60 was discovered in 1985 by 3 scientists. This discovery was so epic that it led the team to win the Nobel Prize in 1996, just 10 years later! That is unheard of.

Carbon 60 has been said to offer some amazing benefits.

One of the benefits I came across while researching carbon 60 is how it can promote hair growth.

How Does Carbon 60 Promote Hair Growth?

According to a study that was done by BioResearch Corporation, carbon 60 increased hair growth by 16% among males that were tested over a six-month period.

The conclusion of this study was that carbon 60 was able to protect the cells around the hair follicles from oxidative stress.

This is what makes carbon 60 such a powerful antioxidant. In fact, C60 is now the most powerful antioxidant known. It protects the body, cells, DNA, and hair follicles from free radicals.

By applying an antioxidant supplement like C60 oil topically to your scalp on a daily basis, you could increase your hair growth in just 6 months.

Using a product such as Purple Power C60, you can be reassured that you are getting the best quality ingredients, 99.99% pure C60 and 100% Certified Organic oils in your purchase.

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