Y’all! I might be the last to know this but there is such thing as… NATIONAL GUACAMOLE DAY! Not only is September 16th my oldest son’s birthday but it’s also a day where we celebrate this delicious green fruit that is packed with nutrients.

I spent half of my life “not liking” guacamole because of how it looked. As an adult, I took my first bite with a crispy, salty triangle-shaped chip and thought “where have you been all my life”?! You better believe I have made up for lost time over the past 10 years.

national guacamole day

I want to share some delicious and healthy guacamole recipes and meals featuring avocados (as if we need an excuse or reason to eat Mexican themed meals) by some of the best food bloggers so you know these are going to be A-Ma-Zing!

You can do so many things with guac and its super easy to make.

All you do is take an avocado and smash it up. However, these ladies have found unique ways to make it incredible!

Avocado Tomato Toast

Creamy Avocado seasoned and mashed, spread over crisp toast then sprinkled with crunchy cherry tomatoes and fresh cilantro.

Homemade Chunky Guacamole

I use Parmesan cheese instead of queso fresco. Yes. I know, I know. Sacrilege. But it makes this guacamole. My husband asks me all the time to make this for parties, and it’s always the first thing to go. It’s the Parmesan. Trust me.

Avocado Cilantro Chicken Salad

This chicken salad was a delicious twist on a traditional chicken salad!  If you love cilantro, this will be a winner in your book!  This was the first time I have tried using an avocado in chicken salad instead of mayo & even though the chicken salad doesn’t stay pretty, it sure does taste good! 

Crab Guacamole

 Regular guacamole is delicious, but crab guacamole? Holy Guacamole. So good!


Spinach Avocado Quinoa Balls Recipe

This vegan quinoa recipe is very healthy and nutritious. They are salty and savory making this vegan recipe with quinoa perfect for salads, pasta, wraps, and more.


Nicaraguan Guacamole

Heavenly Nicaraguan guacamole bursting with creamy flavors of avocado, hard-boiled eggs, cilantro, lime, and red onion.

7 Ingrediant Homemade Guac

This easy homemade guacamole recipe is one everyone should have in their back pocket for taco night, game day, or any old day/night. It’s truly the best and so easy to throw together. My version has 7 ingredients, but really only 3 are absolutely essential. Customize your guacamole to your liking and serve, then watch it disappear.

Chipotle’s Guacamole Recipe

This just so happens to be my personal favorite guacamole recipe. You can taste the red onions, cilantro, limes and fresh jalapeños and it gives me all the feels!

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  1. Can guacamole day be every day please? I love it!

    These look super tasty, I will have to put this date on the calendar, I am not even joking!

  2. I miss Chipotle and I love Guacamole, thanks for this I can definitely try this and didnt know there is natl guacamole day

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