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We wanted to share a few testimonials from our awesome community so you can hear what others are saying about Optimized Life!

When I started working out, I scheduled a meeting with Sandra to discuss supplements. She was extremely knowledgeable! She inspired me to focus on getting healthy, not just losing weight. Her excitement for health is infectious!

Kristi L.

Ive been with Optimized Life for about 2 months now and I must say that it has made my relationship with excersise and outlook on a healthy lifestyle much much better! From the vibration plate workout classes to the health plan, my life has already improved so much. Sandra’s encouragement of really changing your thinking about health first really helps the rest fall in line. I highly reccommend Optimized Life for fitness especially if you are someone like me who has really had a mental block with fitness and health. Im so happy that block is gone!

Brittany Edens

Optimized Life is awesome. Sandra Tanner really goes over the workout routines and keeps them fun. I enjoy working out with her guidance and support. She helps you find different ways of doing the workouts so that you can figure out which way works best for you. You can tell that she genuinely wants you to feel healthier and create a good workout lifestyle. Going to her classes has helped me see what areas I need to work on more and how to pace myself. I think everyone should experience this type of encouraging workout environment and someone who truly wants to make a difference in their life.

Danielle O’Brian

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