Who else gets frustrated when you go to Google and search for “The Best Carbon 60 Supplement” and get 20 different companies trying to convince you that their Carbon 60 is the best, purest and cheapest on the market?

Believe me when I tell you that not all Carbon 60 is made equally. It’s very important to make sure you know exactly what to look for when you are making an investment in your health such as this. 

In this article we will help you:

  • Determine if your carbon 60 is real
  • Show you how you can spot knockoffs before you ever even make a purchase
  • Educate you on what you need to look for when buying your Carbon 60 supplement so you can optimize your health

How Can I Tell Legit Carbon 60 From A Cheap Knockoff By The Bottle & Label?

First and foremost, you want to make sure your Carbon 60 is 99.99% pure and nothing less. You will find this information on high-quality carbon 60 supplements because they will want you to know.  

You want to make sure it comes in a dark amber bottle. Carbon 60 needs to be kept in a dark and cool place. I keep mine in my kitchen cabinet. 

Make sure it’s also solvent-free and 100% Certified Organic ensuring the best possible C60 supplement. 

Carbon 60 should be mixed in farm-direct oils and NEVER in water. Carbon 60 is ONLY viable to the body as whole molecules dissolved in oil. It can not and never will be able to dissolve in water.

C60 will NEVER look black and IS NOT the same as activated charcoal.

What oil should I Buy My Carbon 60 in? 

To ensure the absolute best product, you will want to make sure the Carbon 60 you are considering buying comes in either olive oil, avocado oil, or C60 in MCT coconut oil.

Make sure the oils are of the highest quality, 100% Certified Organic, healthy, farm-direct carrier oils. T

There are many companies that try to mix carbon 60 in oils such as sunflower oil or hemp oil. Try to stay away from these.

Real C60 is purple in color or at least a purplish tent depending on the oil you chose. If the carrier oil is olive oil, it will have a darker purple tint to it but if the carrier oil is MCT, you will see an obvious purple color just like the example below.

C60 in MCT Oil
Carbon 60 in MCT Oil

How Is A Quality Carbon 60 Supplement Made? 

Again, you want to make sure your Carbon 60 is 99.99% pure and nothing less.

Besides purity level, the purification process is also important to consider.

The cleanest method of purifying C60 is the process of sublimation and doesn’t use any toxic chemicals or solvents.

Cheaper Carbon 60 products often use the solvent, or “oven-baked,” method, which retains toxins in the final product and accounts for the lower concentration of actual C60 molecules.

Finding a company that has its products tested by a third party is something else you want to confirm. This will guarantee a pure product free of contaminants and tested for concentration, and bioavailability.

What Is The Best Carbon 60 Supplement?

In my personal opinion, Purple Power C60 is the best choice when it comes to a high and pure quality carbon 60 supplement. I personally buy it. Here at Optimized Life, we only recommend products that we personally purchase and are of the highest quality.

Purple Power C60 checks each box for what real carbon 60 should be in order to be consumed.

If you are thinking about trying C60 I recommend starting here.

Their products are manufactured in the USA in an FDA-compliant facility. They are taking all of the precautions to make sure they are delivering the best product that will Optimize the health of their customers.

carbon 60

To purchase Purple Power C60 CLICK HERE

What Carbon 60 IS NOT:

  • Carbon 60 IS NOT activated charcoal
  • Carbon 60 IS NOT black 
  • ​Carbon 60 IS NOT cheap
  • ​Carbon 60 IS NOT toxic
  • ​Carbon 60 IS NOT made mixed with water

What Carbon 60 IS:

  • Carbon 60 IS the highest antioxidant known
  • Carbon 60 IS purple or has a purple tint
  • Carbon 60 IS ALWAYS combined with an oil

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