If you’re like me, coffee is literally the first thing I do in the morning. I’m embarrassed to say this but sometimes it’s actually my breakfast.

Either way, there is nothing better than a good cup of joe.

I wanted to share my favorite coffee recipe. I like to call it “Intentional Coffee” because it’s just that. But it is absolutely delicious and nutritious.

Morning coffee on plate
Morning coffee on plate

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Check out these ingredients!

8-12 oz. fresh-brewed hot coffee

2 Tbsp. grass-fed unsalted butter

1 Tbsp. of Brain Octain MCT oil

2 scoops Great Lakes Collagen Protein

1 tsp. vanilla extract

pinch of sea salt

Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon

Cup of Coffee with cinnamon
Cup of Coffee with cinnamon

This coffee has my 2 must haves… MCT Oil and Collagen. I am obsessed when them and if you read my blogs, you know I always talk about them.

Let me break it down…

  • Coffee – Caffeine is a life saver! I know there are some coffee-haters out there and they like to tell you its bad for your health but it actually has some pretty impressive health benefits. It adds fiber to your diet, prevents cavities, reduces liver cancer and helps you get along with your family and coworkers.
  • Grassfed unsalted butter – Contains 5 times more CLA than butter from grain fed cows. CLA is a fatty acid that os linked to fighting cancer, prevents bone loss and helps your body build muscles. Its also much higher in Omega-3 and K2.
  • MCT Oil – This is my jam! Everyone should have a bottle of this in their life. I could talk about this all day but in a nutshell, MCT oil is fat that is almost immediately turned into energy for the brain as soon as it is consumed. It gives your brain energy and focus. It also heals with weight loss, energy and endurance. I could go on and on about MCT oil but if you are interested in learning more, I would encourage you to read my article called Uncovering the truth about MCT oil”.
  • Collagen Protien Supplement : Again, this is another one that gets me all excited and worked up because of its amazing benefits. Collagen is naturally produced in our bodies, however our production of collagen starts slowing down in our mid 30’s. That’s why we start noticing aches and pains when we try to get out of bed or do a simple exercise. It also is why we start noticing wrinkles, brittle hair and nails. Since collagen is the main protein in our bones, joints, and skin we need to supplement it in order to add collagen back into our body where it desperately belongs. We can do this by adding 2 tablespoons a day to our diet. It is tasteless and odorless so it can easily be added to almost anything. For more information on Collagen, please read my article called “What’s the deal with collagen”.
  • Sea Salt : Contrary to beliefs, sea salt has many health benefits. It keeps you hydrated, reduces fluid retention, adds minerals to your body, improves digestion and replenishes electrolytes. Table salt does not do these things so if you don’t have sea salt at home, you can not substitute table salt to make this recipe.
  • Cinnamon: This lovely tastings spice is a good source of fiber, calcium and magnesium. It also acts as a powerful antioxidant. It has many other benefits such as reduces inflammation, lowers blood sugar and bad cholesterol.

The gist

Sorry for this long explanation of a coffee recipe. I honestly was trying to make this a quick and simple read but as I started writing it, I couldn’t help but to tell you all of the many benefits these awesome ingredients had to offer.

This coffee would be a great start to your morning. Try it! See what you think. Be intentional about your coffee and your day.

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MCT oil




COllagen supplements
Collagen Supplements


I recently did a review of the top 7 collagen supplements of 2019. It gives you a variety of ways to supplement your collagen deficiency. You can read it HERE!


In general, vitamins are safe for people to use, though you should always check with your doctor before beginning a new supplement. Some vitamins can be dangerous for people with weakened immune systems, which can occur due to long-term use of corticosteroids, an HIV/AIDS infection or organ transplants.

You may also need to avoid some supplements if you have an artificial heart valve; in rare cases, these bacteria can infect your heart muscle, and patients with artificial valves have an increased risk of this complication.

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