What is Supercharged C60?

If you are searching for Carbon 60 also known as C60, you may have come across Supercharged C60. But what is Supercharged C60?

These are great questions and we are going to address them in this blog post along with:

  • What is Carbon 60?
  • What is the difference between Carbon 60 and Supercharged C60?
  • What are the benefits of Supercharged C60?

If you have been following Optimized Life for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a few blog posts on C60 because it’s a product we personally use and recommend.

I recently came across a carbon 60 product recently that sparked my attention.

It was called Supercharged C60.

I said to myself “Supercharged C60…

What??? IF this is true, all I have to say is BRING IT ON!”

What Is C60?

In order to understand Supercharged C60, you have to first know what C60 is.
C60 is short for Carbon 60 and is also known for Buckminsterfullerene. You may have even heard it called “Buckyballs”. C60 is a molecule recently discovered in 1985. The men who discovered it won the Nobel Peace Prize 10 years later for this amazing discovery. Since then many studies have been done on C60 and the results have been astonishing. One of the studies concluded that C60 could increase lifespan up to 14%. This study was done on lab rats and not humans but lab rats. However, researchers use rats because of their genetic similarities to humans.

Carbon 60 has another nickname. It is also referred to as “the magic molecule”. This nickname comes from the fact that C60 contains more antioxidants than anything else known and I mean anything you can think of. This is important to understand because it’s the main reason why C60 is so powerful. Antioxidants from C60 can neutralize oxidative stress in the body.

Because of modern lifestyle and environmental factors, oxidative stress could be taking over our bodies. and results in oxidative damage. We can see the effects by experiencing hair loss, inflammation, skin conditions, fatigue, premature aging, arthritis, DNA damage, and other health problems when there is too much free radical accumulation.This is why we need to remove free radicles. When we eliminate the junk, we can function as we are supposed to. 

We will have more energy, more clarity, reduce inflammation, improve immune function, helps you lose weight, C60 promotes hair growth, and many more. 

C60 isn’t mainstream so its not the most popular supplement but C60 will gain popularity over the next 5 years because its getting a lot of attention from the medical industry.

What Is Supercharged C60?

Supercharged C60 is a multi-layered form of fullerene that comes in a capsule form. Because of the shape of the actual molecule along with the layers, Supercharged C60 is a super powerful antioxidant that could help support your overall health and promotes longevity. Global Healing is the company that makes Supercharged C60 and claims it is 10 times more powerful than regular C60. If that’s true then that’s incredible because remember, C60 is already referred to as the “Magic Molecule” and contains more antioxidants than anything else.

So basically, it could do everything C60 does but because it’s 10x more powerful because of the layers, the benefits are optimized. 

What Are The Benefits Of C60?

Supports Detoxification: One of the main ingredients in Supercharged C60 is activated charcoal which is known for removing toxins. Combine that with Supercharged C60 and it could drastically support detoxification.

Supports Anti-Aging And Longevity: Since you could get 10x more antioxidants from Supercharged C60, that also means those antioxidants could drastically protect you against harmful free radicles that make you age faster. By using products such as Supercharged C60, you could slow down or even reverse the aging process. 

Boosts Immunity: Antioxidants are known to boost immunity.   Supercharged C60 potentially helps your body’s defense system so you can fight off harmful organisms. 

Boosts Energy Levels And Mental Clarity: Supercharged C60 can aid in supporting healthy energy levels and mental clarity by getting straight to the mitochondria which is the “powerhouse of cells” and are where 90% of our energy is created.  

What Are The Differences Between C60 And Supercharged C60?

C60: C60 is a molecule made up of a single layer of 60 carbon atoms arranged in the shape of a soccer ball. The shape is important because it’s one of the main reasons why C60 could offer so many health benefits.

Supercharged C60: Supercharged C60 molecules are structured the same except it has multiple layers and a cage like solid structure. They are arranged in concentric fullerene shells anywhere from 10 to 20 in the count. These layers are formed around a buckyballs core. Think of it like an onion.

So technically, the differences between C60 and Supercharged C60 is the power and how its made.

What is the best Supercharged C60 product?

Global Healing Supercharged C60

Global Healing Supercharged C60 is:

  • Vegan
  • ​Solvent Free
  • ​99.99% Purity Level
  • Non-GMO
  • Hassle Free
  • ​1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee


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