Want to live an Optimistic Life! It is so important to take control of any negative thoughts as soon as they come to mind. It’s crazy how much our thoughts influence every single thing we say and do. Seeing the positive in situations isn’t always easy but there are some practical ways you can adopt more of an optimistic perspective.

Besides, optimistic people tend to live longer, make more money and live a more fulfilled life than people who see the glass half empty so, why not?

I know all of this is easier said than done. This will definitely be a process but it will be worth it!

optimistic perspective
optimistic perspective

How do you know if you are a pessimist?

If your natural instinct up until now is to see the negative and all that could go wrong, you might be one.

We are born with a fresh mind to think and see the good in everything and everyone. Unfortunately, that changes over time.

Webster’s dictionary defines pessimism as…

“an inclination to emphasize adverse aspects, conditions, and possibilities or to expect the worst possible outcome.”

Websters Dictionary

Look at how dictionary.com defines this person…

“the tendency to speak, anticipate, or emphasize only bad or undesirable outcomes, results, conditions, problems, etc.”


Notice negative thoughts

We might feel as if we can hide what we are thinking, but what we think will be evident in our outward attitudes and actions. Don’t take this power for granted.

Our perspectives and thoughts hold power to determine our attitudes and also what our day will be. 

Be proactive! Take time first thing in the morning to pray, meditate, journal, drink coffee with a friend or read something positive and inspirational. Take this time to focus on positivity and think of things that you are thankful for.

As soon as we notice these thoughts coming in, take action immediately! Here are a few suggestions…

Reject Negative Thoughts

This is a big one! How many times have you caught yourself in a funk just because of one thing? We were going throughout our day with no problems and then BAM! In a funk…

Funks can be hard to shake. Trust me, I know.

If we could only learn how to reject these negative thoughts as soon as they enter our brain.

When negative thoughts enter your mind, you have to be quick and say “STOP”! Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be out loud.

Another exercise you can do is to write that negative thought down on a scrap piece of paper and throw it away. You are physically rejecting this negative thought that will replay over and over in your mind or cause you to think negative thoughts.

If you are in the car or at home and you feel negative thoughts coming on, turn on some positive music and sing! This will overpower your negative thoughts and keep you on track.

Replace Negative Thoughts

After rejecting the thoughts, you have to replace them with positive ones!

A joyful life and a positive attitude come from the choice (and power) to change your thoughts. Knowing you have the power to replace negative thoughts with positive ones is life-changing. First, you have to acknowledge them. When you can identify the negative thoughts as soon as they come to mind, you can introduce new ones that have a more positive twist.

To do this, you have to stop and think about any positive changes that have or will occur instead of automatically thinking about how a situation or circumstance could negatively affect you.

This will be weird at first and it might even take time for you to start believing yourself but give it time. Instead of your natural instinct to be picking and poking at all the things that might not ever happen. Your new, more positive self will start seeing your problems as more of an opportunity and you will start to think about things in a whole new light.

glass half full
glass half full

If you struggle to see the glass as half full, I want to encourage you to start doing these three things.

Let today be the first day of a new season of life where you begin living a life of optimism. Find other optimistic people to surround yourself with. Trust me, it is hard to be the only pessimist in the room.

As you grow and become a more optimistic person, you will see all aspects of your life start to transform in many ways.

As you start to focus on the good, the good will get easier and easier to see without having to do much. We see what we want to see and we find what we want to find. If we want to see bad, we will. But on the other hand, if we want to see the good, we will!

When this starts to happen, you have gained control over your thoughts and life.

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  1. I don’t think I’m a pessimist but I do think sometimes I get in a MOOD! I love these tips for how to live an optimistic life. The new year is such a refreshing time so why not refresh my attitude.

  2. Really great guide. My husband is an eternal optimist, while I’m a realist. He says realist is the same as a pessimist but its absolutely not. I just look at situations in a realistic way and react accordingly. I wish I could be more optimistic though and it is a goal for this year so this guide is very timely!

  3. Yes! Being happy is a great new years resolution! I choose to be optimistic! Thank you for this encouraging article.

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