While on a road trip, I noticed dark clouds I would soon approach. I took a picture of it but for no specific reason, or at least I didn’t know at that the time. A few days later, I started looking through all of the pictures and came across this one again.

I noticed something about this storm from a slightly different perspective and I feel like God showed me something amazing at that moment about my life.

I see a long road with a storm up ahead. I remembered it was beautiful and sunny that day then out of no where came the dark clouds. In these dark clouds were small breaks with light shining through. Up ahead was the rain, storm, lightning and thunder. It was very intimidating to drive into because I wasn’t prepared.

Do you know what always comes after a storm? Sunlight, rainbows, new sprouts of grass and a beautiful day.

The breaks of sunlight tells me even though I am in the center of a storm, I am still in Gods will. He was there every second of the way watching over me, protecting me and guiding me. He is always present in every situation.

We all go through storms in our life. Multiple storms… Some are painful and bring suffering.

Believe it or not, God allows storms in our life for a reason. To get our attention, to equip and prepare us for something amazing or to even reveal himself to us.

Not all storms come to disrupt your life, some come to clear your path.

I am so thankful today for storms, his protection, grace and mercy.

Life isn’t always what you or others think it should be but in the middle of the storms we can rest assure that it’s all a part of his plan and his has our back.



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      HI Monica! I really appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on Optimized Life newest article. I am so happy to hear from you

  1. It’s a good reminder! I hate weathering the storms of life, but they’re there for a reason and sometimes what happens after is truly beautiful!

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      Hi Dawn! Thank you for reading this article from Optimized Life. I am happy to hear how you appreciate “storms” as much as I do.

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