I wanted to share something that has helped me in my health and fitness journey. It’s understanding how to optimize the power of momentum. When people don’t understand this, they give up and don’t have success.

Knowing that momentum takes time to get going is the key to pushing through.

Momentum is like pushing a car. It’s hard at first and might even seem impossible but once it starts rolling, it gets faster and faster then it gets easier to push.


When it comes to working out, eating better, or stopping a bad habit, you will have to make yourself do it. It might even be the last thing you want to do that day but making yourself even when you don’t want to is getting the momentum going. You just need to continue to show up and know why you are working out.

Sometimes it even takes 2 people to get it started. That’s why having a health coach is so beneficial to get help through the process.

Eventually, it will be easier and easier as you start getting in the habit of working out because you are gaining some momentum. Then it will start feeling weird when you don’t work out.

As you are gaining momentum it is important to remember not to self-sabotage yourself and stop.

You will crave things, want to skip days, say you “deserve to eat this” or I deserve to take a break from working out”.

This is when you need to push even harder. It’s when you get past this that things are moving in the right direction.

It takes time to adjust to anything new. Nothing is easy when you start but the longer you do it and each step you take to move forward will be momentum and it will get easier and easier.

Just know that the hardest part is getting started.

Make commitments to yourself (not goals) because goals are easy to give up on.

If you take your commitments about your health journey seriously, you can be the healthiest version of yourself!

What would that look like for you?

How would that make you feel?

Don’t plan to do it, show up every day and do it!

The key to optimizing the power of momentum is to take your commitments, yourself, and your journey seriously.

Give yourself time and grace.

Say this after me…

I matter!

I CAN do this!

I AM strong!

I WILL be the best me I can be!

What is it you really want? Now it’s time to go get it!!


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