Since January is the start of a new year and new goals, I wanted to be proactive and see what I could personally do to keep from struggling with this issue and stay committed to my goals. So, why do we struggle with losing motivation and what can we do about it?

When we have a goal, we usually go hard for a few days then start slowly losing sight of why we started in the first place. It starts getting hard, stressful, challenging or seems impossible. We start asking ourselves if it is even worth it.

Goals are usually set to help us accomplish something that is out of the ordinary or out of our comfort zone. It is something that doesn’t come naturally to us.

In a way, goals can be “painful” but, it is worth the sacrifice.

One of my favorite quotes is this…

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.

motivational quote

When it comes to getting motivated, we need more than a plan.

We need self-discipline.

If we will endure pain today, which pain will it be?

The difference is “discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”

As people, pain is inevitable. Sometimes it’s something we can’t control. But most of the time we have 100% control over pain because we do it to ourselves.

You can choose immediate gratification with no long term payoff…or you can choose to have current pain for greater returns down the line. Pain doesn’t have to be a bad thing or it doesn’t have to be physical.

Sacrifice is a great example of pain. It means to forsake something in return for something greater.

Self-discipline is another. This means doing what you know you have to do in order to accomplish your goals whether you feel like it or not.

Often times, and I mean most of the time, it is easy to choose what we are comfortable doing or to do something that brings us temporary gratification.

We might want to own our own business one day but for now, we are employed and bringing home a check every 2 weeks so we don’t put in the time or make sacrifices each day to get closer to our goal of being an entrepreneur.

“if you don’t work to achieve your goals, you will be put to work to help achieve others’.

You might want kids but are comfortable with how life is right now or you don’t think you are financially ready so you keep putting it off.

You might need to lose weight but your life is so hectic and you keep putting off going to the gym.

We all have something so, what is yours?

The point is this, all of these are things that most of us are going through and are a big deal to us.

We know we want it so badly.

We would do anything to achieve them. But, we don’t have the discipline it takes therefore we lack motivation.

We would rather endure the long term pain of regret rather than the pain of sacrifice right now.

Learn self-discipline.

Choose what pain will be worth it.

Every decision and consequence comes down to the lack of discipline.

Here are a few quotes I have found to help me when I am feeling “demotivated”.

Make it a habit of reading one first thing in the morning so you can remember you are doing what you are doing.

motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote
motivational quote

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  1. This post is perfect for the New Year. Great inspirational quotes and advice on how to stay motivated.

  2. Never giving up on things you can’t go a day without thinking about really resonates with me. Thank you for putting together this motivational list.

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