Where are my Gen Xers? This isn’t an anti-aging article that will promote skincare products. The anti-aging I am referring to is how to deal with aging from the inside out. This guide will suggest only the best supplements for people over 40 like us! We are people wanting to enhance and extend our quality of life and do everything we can to make sure we live a full life.

Gen X
Anti-aging supplements 40+

At this point in our lives, we need to make sure we are doing the right things and supplementing any deficiencies with the right products. Aging is a deficiency, believe it or not. Wilkapidea defines deficiency as a lack or shortage.

Knowing why we age combined with the right supplements is key to slowing down or even reversing the aging process. This article will contain supplements with anti-aging benefits that will also optimize your health. Feel free to check out the reviews by clicking on the links.

Aging is inevitable, but there are things we can do.

The products we are recommending are products we here at Optimized Life personally use, trust and depend on daily to help us improve our health so we can live our healthiest and best life possible.

Why do we age?

This might seem like a common-sense question but it goes a little deeper. Yes, we age because we eventually get older and you can see and feel that process happening. We can see the fine lines and wrinkles starting to appear, we can feel our joint starting to ache and feel fatigued more easily.

However, there are a few factors that also come into play when looking at why some people age faster than others.

“We age so completely and in so many different ways, we are programmed to die.”

stem cell biologist Derrick Rossi of Harvard University.

The aging process comes down to a few different factors including genetics, DNA damage, and lifestyle.

Within the past decade, aging research has come a long way and what they are finding will change not only change our lifespan but our quality of life as well.

Aging is inevitable and we will all eventually pass, however, it doesn’t need to happen like we have been taught. I was guilty of this. I thought as people got older, their quality of life was useless and we would have to rely on our loved ones or even strangers to care for us.

I thought the inevitable part about aging is that we would all have some sort of a disease or health condition that would limit us from enjoying our last days on earth. I know, it sounds so ignorant of me but this was years of personal observations that created a false reality.

What is “aging backwards”?

Man people think this way because its what is seen. My friends, heart disease is not inevitable, hip replacements are not inevitable, dementia is not inevitable and it isn’t inevitable that you will suffer from the same things your parents did.

The same as brain cells dying, muscles deteriorating or metabolism declining is not inevitable.

These are all the true meaning of anti-aging. We not only need to challenge ourselves to look younger on the outside but to feel younger and be younger on the inside as well. That is the most important part of this whole article.

Thanks to recent research, we have a better understanding of true anti-aging. The good news is, we haven’t seen anything yet! Over the next 10 years, you will start hearing more and more about backwards aging.

There are some things we can not do to reverse the aging process but there are a few things we can do. That’s why we wanted to recommend a few products that could help you start aging backwards.

Here are the best anti-aging supplements for people over 40


Collagen protein was one of the most popular supplements of 2019 and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. That’s because collagen is a protein that is essential for our overall health.

Collagen is the main protein in our soft tissue. That includes bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles as well as hair, nails, and skin. Collagen is something we naturally produce. However, once we get into our mid 30’s, our collagen production goes down, and down and down then… we are sagging all over the place and can hardly get out of bed without aches and pains.

How does collagen help us?

For these reasons alone, we need to supplement collagen one way or another. Here is a brand we love and trust.

great lakes collagen protein
Great Lakes Collagen Protein


That was a quick and simple explanation of collagen protein. To read more about collagen, click the link below!

What is collagen?

NMN (Nicotinamide Mononucleotide)

NMN is the newest precursor for NAD recently discovered. NMN becomes NAD after it undergoes a series of chemical changes. NMN can not easily enter a cell. It has to first become NR then it can change back to NMN once again then ends up as NAD which is the goal.

NMN is also very important to things we have to do every day like sleep and how our body metabolizes energy.

You can get the NMN you need in a vitamin supplement now!



To read more about NMN, click the link below!

Understanding NMN supplements

Carbon 60 (Optimized Carbon)

Carbon C60 is a molecule recent studies have found to increase longevity and add major benefits to your health. It is also known as buckminsterfullerene or a buckyball. It is made up of sixty carbon atoms and looks like a soccer ball. The shape is the reason it is so powerful. It is also known as buckminsterfullerene or a buckyball.

C60 is currently the most powerful antioxidant. Because of this, it protects the body from oxidative stress which is the cause of cellular damage (which causes aging) and radiation.

Coming soon Optimized Carbon! We are so excited to make the purest form of C60 so you can kick off your journey to living your healthiest life possible.

Here are a few of the main benefits:

Longevity: After testing lab rats, researchers found that C60 actually increases lifespan by 90%. This has to do with the way C60 changes both cellular and mitochondrial membranes.

Antioxidant: As I mentioned already, Carbon 60 is the most powerful antioxidant and is 172 x more powerful than Vitamin C. Antioxidants are important because it helps defend our cells from damage caused by harmful free radicals and may oxidative stress. That could potentially result in heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

Reduces Inflammation: Not only does C60 reduce the symptoms of arthritis but it even suppresses the inflammation in the joints and bones as well.

Improves Brain function: Helps prevent neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s. Typically, we have neurons that die and get created each day. The problem occurs when we have too many neurons die which results in memory loss and cognitive decline. There are studies that prove C60 actually promotes the growth of new neurons and could even reverse Alzheimer’s.

Kills bacteria and viruses: C60 can help stop the spread of viruses such as Hepatitis C and other diseases. Studies have found that it can even inhibit HIV.

Protects against radiation: Radiation levels are constantly increasing. Because of this, cancer and cognitive declines are on the rise. C60 is an effective and safe way to protect yourself from these damaging radiation.

Here is a great brand.

Carbon 60


To read more about C60, click the link below!

What is C60?

Be on the lookout for Optimized Carbon coming soon! We are so excited to make the purest form of C60 so you can kick off your journey to living your healthiest life possible.


Resveratrol is in the skin of red grapes, peanuts and berries. It acts as an antioxidant and can protect you against damage that could put you at risk for major health concerns.

Resveratrol has become very popular over the years because of its anti-aging powers. In fact, recent studies have shown people who drink a glass of red wine after 5 pm could live longer. Added bonuses everywhere!

You can also get your resveratrol by drinking grape juice or eating grapes.

To ensure you are getting enough resveratrol each day so you can take advantage of these benefits, there just happens to be a vitamin supplement.




Books are a great tool for people who love to read.

Reading has many great health benefits as well!

When we read, not only are we enjoying our favorite book, we are improving our memory. It has been said to improve our mood, reduce stress and make us feel better as well. Recent studies have shown that reading could reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s as we age.

To see a list of the top health and wellness books we recommend for 2020, click the link below!

Best health and wellness books for 2020

Stay Active

Last but certainly not least, staying active! Exercising could add years to your life and make you feel younger on the cellular level we mentioned in this article.

“Just because you’re 40, doesn’t mean you’re 40 years old biologically,” 

“We all know people that seem younger than their actual age. The more physically active we are, the less biological aging takes place in our bodies.”

Science Professor, Larry Tucker from Brigham Young Universit

Here is a great article we published a few weeks ago. There are some great ideas on different ways to get you moving. To read more on how you can stay active, click on the article below!

Join our free 8-week challenge. Pre-register now! Spaces are limited… Challenge begins in February. Click the link below!


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