Question of the day… What is one decision you feel you need to make in order to totally change the direction of your life?




One decision away
One decision away

If you can identify it then what is keeping you from making that change if you know it will create a situation for you?

I once heard the best advice of my life…

Dont stay poor for someone else, be rich for yourself”

Someone smart

Now insert your “thing” in that quote. For example

Don’t be “unhealthy” for someone else…

Don’t be “in a toxic relationship” for someone else…

Don’t stay “stuck in a dead-end job” for someone else…

Often times, we care so much about what people will think if we make the decision to change and go in a completely different direction. We let the idea of what others might say keep us from bettering our situation.

Or maybe it isn’t that at all. Perhaps it is us! Maybe we get so comfortable where we are and we just keep doing the same things every single day and we put up with the same BS (pardon my language) because it’s familiar.

Are we unsure of where to start?

Waiting for the “perfect” time to start?

Or are we afraid? Do we let the fear of failure stand in our way?

Do we like being the victim and having someone to blame for us not moving forward? (OUCH!)

The truth is, everyone wants a better life. If we are honest with ourselves, we are not content letting other people control or dictate our lives.

The reality is, our “wants” will only get us so far. We can “want” to do something all day long but if we don’t actually get pat our “roadblock”, nothing will change.

So, here is what you do!

1. Take responsibility for where you are right now. Don’t blame others. Take a look at yourself and identify what is keeping you stagnant.

2. Own It! Now that you know, OWN IT and move on.

3. Identify what is holding you back. This is a good thing! Now you know what your roadblock is and you can do something about it.

4. Create a new vision for yourself and stay focused. As you start changing your vision, you will start to see things differently and things will naturally start changing to match your new vision.

5. Challenge yourself to start TODAY! There is something you can do today, even if it is small.

6. Join this FREE online community! Here at Optimized Life, we want to create healthy families and encourage wellness communities. We are simply people who want to live our healthiest and best life possible. Join us! 

Don’t wait for anyone’s approval. I wouldn’t even tell anyone what you’re doing. Let your actions speak louder than your words.



  1. Talk about speaking some truths! I completely agree with all of your points in this article! The hardest part is taking responsibility. Once you can do that, you can go so far!

  2. I love this! Don’t be X for someone else… That is great advice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. There have been so many times in my life I could have used this post. I’m glad you’ve shared your insights sonthat others can be spared the struggles of making decisions for oneself versus for other people. Thank you <3

  4. This was a great read this morning. After the news about Kobe Bryant yesterday it reminded me that we need to treat every day as precious and not to waste a single moment! I subscribed!

  5. I like these words you gave. Powerful when we own our story. “Don’t be poor for somebody else, be rich for yourself” sparked some personally application for me. Thank you for this.

  6. What great advice, the quote and the tips. I found that the decision to take control and responsibility is a must to progress forward. Enjoy each moment along the way.

  7. This is so true. Starting my business, moving across country, and deciding to travel full time we’re all decisions other people didn’t necessarily approve of or support but they changed our entire lives for the better!

  8. Amazing post! I absolutely agree and I wish I had known how to put this into words! (I’m glad you did!) We all get stuck in our ways and become afraid of making that decision (or what we might lose if we do) so we allow ourselves to be poor, or unhealthy or whatever. This post has made me contemplate some changes that my husband and I are making (for the better) and I think we’re being overly cautious. I think we need to make the decision and commit to the change.

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