The early stages of sobriety are extremely difficult and if you don’t know where to turn for support you may just turn back to the drink.

I know this from experience.

Often, we struggle in silence wondering if we do have a drinking problem. We stay up late googling, “am I an alcoholic?” and we monitor our drinks and make deals with ourselves that we can police our drinking with no help. I hate to say it, but that tactic rarely works. Alcohol progressively is more addicting the longer you consume it. That is why we need more of it to achieve the same results.


Am I An Alcoholic?

Most of the time we just don’t want to admit we need to stop and that thought alone creates so much anxiety that we end up ignoring the signs and continuing down the same path doing the exact same thing turning a blind eye to what is so blatantly obvious. But the thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way.

My SOUL purpose in life to help break the stigma of alcohol addiction and normalize the conversation surrounding drinking. We don’t blame the drink. We blame the drinker. Whereas conversely, we blame the cigarette and not the smoker.

Crazy isn’t it?

Alcohol is a drug. It is a legal drug. And the manufacturers know as much. They have cleverly marketed the product to seem as though you can’t enjoy life without it and if you can’t handle it then something is wrong with you and you have a disease (alcoholism).

So naturally, that creates panic, shame and embarrassment in us and we run in the opposite direction of the dreaded “A” word and we ignore the simple fact that it is the product that is the problem and not us. And if you end up addicted to something that is addicting, then actually you are pretty darn normal.

What if I told you that is what the manufacturers hope you feel? That way you keep drinking…

Remember too that no one should be able to drink alcohol with little issue. That is why the first drink is usually disgusting. Alcohol is an acquired taste. We tell ourselves we should do it because everyone else does it and has fun, so we keep trying it until we find a drink we like.

Regardless of the fact that when we have more than our body can process, we get sick. We ignore why hangovers even take place; our body is rejecting the product!! But we have been seduced to think that all the natural signs our bodies are telling us about it being bad for us are really just normal side effects and that the good time we had while under the influence of the drug, was really worth it. So, we do it again and again and again…

I think we all know the definition of insanity but if you don’t, it is repeating the same thing in hopes you will have a different outcome. There is usually only one outcome with drinking and it’s never good.

How To Live A Sober Life

I want people to stop living in fear of what their relationship to alcohol is and to start looking at it with a clear vision that they are PERFECTLY normal and what happened is they created a bad habit with a product that is known to be addictive and that it can be broken. And there are many paths to take that will help you break the habit. I merely want to get the conversation going and to make it safe for alcohol to be discussed without the embarrassing stigma most associate when over-drinking or sobriety is brought up.

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