Not to be a naysayer, but we’ll all spend pretty much every holiday this year adapting to a secluded lifestyle. Sadly, Mother’s Day won’t come away unscathed.

If you happen to live with your mother or far away from her, things won’t change that much. But things get a bit complicated if anyone has to leave the house. The trajectory could put everyone (including mom) at risk, and we don’t want that.

Though we’ll have to ditch mom’s night out this time, you don’t have to pout—we list a bunch of things you can do to celebrate, even if it feels kind of different.

Here’s How to Make Mother’s Day Special During ThisQuarantine Period, No Matter Where She is Right Now.

Remote Mother’s Day Ideas

No video chat will ever replace physical contact. Still, the tips below are the closest
you’ll get to having your mom right beside you.

Throw a Zoom party

This is the perfect opportunity to gather everyone you’ve been missing and host a
major Mother’s Day party with the whole family. Although Zoom is widely used for
corporate meetings, it also works like a charm for more informal events. But let’s be realistic for a second: we can’t expect mom or Aunt Susan to rock a video chat if they can barely set up their phones.

If they’re already familiar with video chats, that’s awesome. If they’re not, no
problem—but you’ll have to teach them the nitty-gritty before the “event”. How to enter the meeting, how to mute the mike, and so on.

Besides, setting a specific time and keeping the party running for at least one hour is a great idea. As in any in-person event, some people will leave early, some will arrive late, and some won’t come. By the way, don’t forget to RSVP guests in advance!

Play Together Online

Since we’re talking about online meetings, why not spruce them up with games
everyone can play
? Even card games have become online games to play when things become too boring. You can now play Guess Who?, Heads Up, and tons of other games using your phone or computer. Each player at their own home. Try it once and you may ask yourself “why haven’t I done this before?”.

Watch Live Concerts / Movies Together

Ever since social-distancing began, artists have been doing free live shows on
Instagram and Youtube from their own homes…or mansions. For those who never got a chance to see their favorite singers perform in living color, this is a cost-free alternative to enjoy from wherever you are in the world. Try to find out if any of your (or your mom’s) favorite artists are performing any mother’s day specials.

If not…

You could still watch Netflix movies together using browser extensions such as Netflix Party. There’s no hassle: after you’ve sent out an invite link, every user’s screen will be synced automatically. Any user may play and pause the movie if anything comes up, and there’s a sidebar especially reserved for comments. No spoilers, though.

At-Home Mother’s Day Ideas:

For the lucky ones who will get to spend May 10th with mom, here are a few ideas that can be even better than your typical night out.

Craft Easy DIY mother’s day gifts (Great for Kids!)

Finally, a great excuse for last-minute gifts. Just kidding, don’t do that.
Anyway, since shopping for gifts is out of the question and your online order is probably late, DIY crafts will definitely make up for it. Not only is creating and painting something kids love, but it’s also a great idea of some quality time together. Besides, handmade items are much more special.

diy mothers day card idea

Here’s an idea: find the cutest printable mother’s day cards for everyone to write cute messages on, draw, color…you name it. This just might become a typical mother’s day activity in the years to come.

Or, what about all of those empty TP rolls you have? You can actually make really cute gifts with them!

Cook a Special Dinner

Yes, this might be a staple in most households but it’s so worth mentioning. If you can’t think of anything specific, win your mother’s heart with her favorite dish. It works. You could also try something different for a change. You’ll surely find a lot of tasty options if you Google “mother’s day dinner recipes”. Or, if you’re a born cook, you could try and dazzle her.

Now, for the annoying part…

Making a special dinner might require a trip to the supermarket. If you happen to go out, be sure to follow health recommendations wisely for your whole family’s safety,

Look for Fun Family Games to Play at Home

Dust off those board games you’ve been hoarding forever. If all members are 21+, play a family-friendly drinking game. Play cards, charades, or mime. It’ll be like entering a time machine, we promise.

The main goal is to not take Mother’s Day for granted, especially in such difficult times. If you find yourself in the virtual squad, it’s okay to feel a little bummed out.

While no modern technology has been able to mimic physical affection (yet), we know there’s a major safety reason behind these annoying restrictions. Not to mention, any mother’s hug will feel much warmer after all this is over.

What about stepmoms?

I have you covered from top to bottom in this article I just wrote especially for Mother’s day ideas for stepmoms.

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Here are a few really great Mothers Day gifts ideas she can use all year long.

Let’s start with this Womans Journaling Bible Study. This gift is perfect for all moms, grandmas, and that mother figure in your life and can be used all year long.

Health and fitness trackers are continuing to grow more and more popular. This fitness tracker is perfect to wear all day no matter what you are wearing. You would never know it was a fitness tracker because it is so cute and stylish!

Have you ever heard of a smart water bottle before? I hadn’t until recently and they are awesome! They can keep track of how much water you have had that day and so much more! You need to see it to believe it.

smart water bottle

I was recently gifted this Hamama Microgreens growing kit for my birthday and I became obsessed. You get microgreens in a week! It is a great gift for moms who love to cook and eat healthily.

If your mom likes to read and practices healthy habits, she would love one of these books recommended as the top health and wellness books of 2020.

You can’t go wrong with any of these options. They are all great!



  1. These are all great ideas! I plan to enjoy a super relaxing day at home of catching up on my shows. LOL. That’s what I asked for this year.

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