Mothers day is a time to celebrate the moms in our lives who have been there and loved us as their own. My parents both remarried when I was about twelve years old. If there is one thing I have learned over the years of having a stepmom and now being a stepmom its that it takes time and consistency to build a strong relationship between the child and adult. How you acknowledge your stepmom highly depends on these factors. It will come down to the relationship you have had with her, how often you see each other, and how long she has been in your life.

It is also important for you both to be intentional and acknowledge each other on special occasions such as birthdays and Mothers day. Make sure your stepmom doesn’t feel left out or feel like the third wheel.

This can be tough for children trying to find a card or gift for their stepmom. We can walk into Target or the local drug store and find hundreds of cards that perfectly say what someone would want to tell their mother. The words are so sweet and it’s like they know exactly what you want to say.

But, what about stepmoms? I always look for a generic card that just says “Happy Mothers Day” but is that really the only thing I want to say to her? Of course not! She deserves more than that.

One of the most important things to remember about celebrating Mother’s Day with your stepmom is to find a card or write something in her Mother’s Day card that lets her know you appreciate her and want to thank her role in your life.

I found that a DIY printable card for your stepmom is a great way to go. You can get nice card stock or just use printer parer if that’s all you have. You can be more specific and write what is in your heart.

Here are a few I have created for you to help get your emotions and words flowing in the right direction.

I will have a link under so you can print them out if you find one that speaks to your relationship with your stepmom. You can always add to it on the back in your handwriting. Maybe bring up an old memory you have of when she was there for you or a fun moment you shared together. Pinterest also has great suggestions as well.

Printable Mothers Day Cards For Stepmoms

stepmom mothers day card

stepmom mothers day card

stepmom mothers day card

stepmom mothers day card

stepmom mothers day card

stepmom mothers day card

Gift Ideas For Stepmoms

This is one that is great for any stepmom, mom, grandma or that mother figure in your life. More, Please is a Journaling Bible Study that is a creative and unique approach to the average bible study.

This is a great way to be intentional and give her a special gift that she can use all year long. Click on the link to get more info on this bible study. They have a Mothers Day special going on now! Get 20% off anything on their site.

If your stepmom is into reading and being healthy, here are the top 5 books health and wellness books for 2020.

I received a microgreens growing kit for my birthday a few months go and fell in love with it. This is such a great and unique gift. If your stepmom enjoys cooking or eating healthy, she would love this!

Fitness trackers have become the “must-have” accessory but the problem comes when she is heading to work in her business casual clothes or going out on the town in her hottest outfit. She doesn’t want to wear a bulky black fitness tracking watch.

Health trackers have gained popularity over the years and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why I love this idea from Bellabeat. These are so cute and stylish, you would never know they were a fitness tracker!

This is a great idea if you are younger. It’s a great way for daughters to connect and bond with their stepmom (or mom). I have one my daughter and I pass back and forth. It has been awesome for teen years. Click here to purchase from Amazon:



  1. These are so beautiful and sweet. Being a stepmom is definitely a very difficult role and it’s nice to appreciate a stepmom on mother’s day.

  2. These are so beautiful. Thank you so much. And there are so many mothers that didn’t get their the “traditional” way, but need to be acknowledged. I too have step-everything and love this. Thanks!

  3. My Step-mom has had a huge impact on my life! It wasn’t that way in my teen years… but I have grown to appreciate and adore her. Thank you for providing some cards for her. They really are difficult to find.

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