With beautiful weather here, I thought it would be appropriate to share the perfect gift for that special woman in your life. Fitness trackers have become the “must-have” accessory but the problem comes when she is heading to work in her business casual clothes or going out on the town in her hottest outfit. She doesn’t want to wear a bulky black fitness tracking watch.

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Health trackers have gained popularity over the years and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why I love this idea from Bellabeat.

One smart jewelry with many looks

It will look like she put on her cutest accessory to complete that amazing outfit.

Bella leaf health tracker can be worn in many ways. Wear it as a bracelet, necklace or a clip. She can wear it as she is going throughout your day, either walking the dog, at the park with the kids, working out or even sleeping. It’ll track every single move she makes.

bella beat smart jewelry
Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker

Other fitness trackers on the market tend to be unisex or more masculine. They have bulky plasticky bands and they throw off the look she might be trying to achieve outside of the gym.

This smart jewelry is for the working woman, trendy moms, that woman who takes her health seriously, or the SAHM always on the go so basically… ALL WOMEN.

She will love how practical and functional this product is!

Bellabeat Leaf Health Tracker has all of these amazing features:

  • Sleep quality tracker
  • Tracks stress level
  • Tracks menstrual cycle and reproductive health
  • Motivational support
  • Counts your steps
  • Provides an alarm
  • It is water-resistant
  • Tracks activity and provides feedback about your quality of life using an app
  • It does not need charging!
  • Sleek and sophisticated style

The smartphone app captures all of this information and allows her to view the data. Since the tracker doesn’t need to recharge, she can track your life 24/7!

Health Tracking App

What do I get when I order this smart jewelry?

When you order the Bellabeat Urban Health Tracker, you will have the option to chose from the colors below. You will also get a necklace and a bracelet. This will allow her to wear her health tracker a few different ways depending on the look she is trying to achieve.

Bellabeat Leaf Urban Collection


If you purchase through us, Bellabeat will give you an additional 10%off your order! This is something they are doing special for our readers. Use the coupon code OPTIMIZED-LIFE. We are not sponsored by this company.

If you have read a few of our articles, you will see that we only introduce products to you that we believe will optimize your life and allow you to live your best life possible. Your health does matter! Saying that we believe the products we suggest needs to be filtered through that statement so you can trust the products we recommend.

It’s your turn!

Leave a comment and let us know if you have tried this product. We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Awesome idea! I wear a Garmin HR Watch and it is super bulky and masculine. It is find for every day wear or to work (I am a nurse). When I want to dress up though it doesn’t exactly go with the outfit. Also I have a very nice watch that I used to wear all the time but never wear at all now because then I would have on two watches. I will have to check this out.

    • Optimized Reply

      BMB Exactly! This is a great comment. Thank you for sharing

  2. I like the bracelet and I see more people wearing brooches now (maybe due to line of work) so I’ve become more interested as of late

    • Optimized Reply

      HI Jess! The brooch is definitely a super classic look!

  3. Glorious Heights Reply

    Oh this looks so pretty and is so useful 👍🏻 Perfect gift 🎁

    • Optimized Reply

      Hi Huda! I loved this idea as soon as i heard about it and I just had to share !

  4. I really like that it is in necklace form, it really is helpful for matching better with outfits and work clothing.

    • Optimized Reply

      Hi Luna! I agree! That style is my favorite as well!

  5. oh my! these pieces are soooo cuuuute!! I’ve been holding off getting fitness accessories because I find they aren’t very cute/go with my outfits but these ones are so lovely.

  6. Neil Alvin Nicerio Reply

    Perfect. My mom would surely love these. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. This is such a good idea and I had no idea it existed. I used to wear a Fitbit religiously but is not so cute. Problem solved. Have you found it to be accurate?

    • Optimized Reply

      It is very accurate! If you get it, let me know how you like it. I would love to hear what you think

  8. Oh, those are NEAT! What a great universal accessory. I will have to look more into it. I love my apple watch.

  9. I’m loving this! Mine is bulky and doesn’t look like this. Also tracking stress levels is amazing.

  10. This product is beautiful! I used to wear a FitBit but stopped because it was so bulky and didn’t look good with my work clothes. I love how this looks like a piece of jewelry but still provides you with all the fitness & wellness stats!

  11. O the bracelet is super cute and super trendy! I love the idea of this. I’m shocked I’ve never heard of it before! Healthy and cute I like it!

  12. It’s definitely one smart jewelry with lots of looks! It has this classy appeal and I love jewelry like this!

  13. blair villanueva Reply

    wow this is multi-functional jewelry and I like it! It looks stylish as well 😀

  14. I must say, it’s a very detailed and well researched post about the health tracker.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Optimized Reply

      Hi Samar! Thank you for reading and taking time to comment!

  15. Elizabeth O Reply

    wow, it is such a good gesture as a gift. your review is really helpful here and now I am checking out this product on amazon. this is stunning jewelry with lots of features.

    • Optimized Reply

      Hi Elizabeth! This is a great gift for any woman. You can even purchase extra accessories for it!

    • Optimized Reply

      Hi Jennifer! I agree. I have tried a few different watch types and i never liked them

  16. That’s so multi purpose and fashionable !!! Creativity at it’s best !!!. Great post !!!

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