If you are looking for the best virtual learning agenda for kids, look no further. I have it right here! This agenda is specifically designed by 2 moms who have also been placed in a situation where they are assisting their children with virtual learning this fall. Just like most of us, they were not familiar with homeschool and saw the value of public education until COVID happened and ruined that scenario. They are both working moms who will now be juggling both.

Oh and, one of those moms is me!

They quickly took action and knew they had to do something that would help their kids stay organized during their virtual learning adventure and allow them to be more self-sufficient.

They started sending text messages back and forth brainstorming ideas.

Then they did what any mom would do… set up a “meeting” over Mexican food and created something amazing that would be life-changing for their kids.

They wanted to share their ideas with other parents who are also searching for a way to help their kids stay focused and organized this school year while virtually learning.

Want to see what the final product is?!

Here you go!

Virtual Learning Notebook For Elementary School Kids

There are 3 simple and fun themes to choose from.

These are super easy for smaller kids to read and use. You can also get stickers that will allow the smaller kids to express themselves.


Virtual Learning Notebook For Middle & High School Teens

There are also 3 themes for middle and high school aged kids.


Here is what you will get:

  • My week at a glance
  • Weekly calendar
  • ​Weekly self-evaluation
  • Online meeting notes with teachers
  • Monthly overview
  • Test/quiz reminders
  • Important things to remember
  • Monthly goal setting
  • Daily Task
  • To-do list
  • ​”Emails to send” section
  • ​Important school info section
  • ​Organized kids
  • ​Themed cover pages 
  • ​Specialized layouts for middle and high school
  • ​Specialized layouts for elementary schools kids
  • ​Stress-free semester 
  • Unlimited access to print as many copies as you need 
  • And more!
See for yourself!

Here is a close up of the cover pages you can slide in the front of any 3 ring binder to personalize their notebooks.

Digital Downloads

Since these planners are digital downloads, you are able to pay one low cost for your planner and have unlimited access to print as many as you need, when you need it.

Just save it on your computer and you can access it 24/7.

How Much Is This Virtual Learning Notebook?

You can choose one of these notebooks for 50% off right now for only $9.95. OR you can get all 6 of them for only $17.95. This would be great for parents who have kids of all ages like I do or you can use a theme for each subject. Plus, Its only $8 more for the whole pack so what do you have to lose?

How Do I Order My Virtual Learning Notebook For Kids?

We would love to hear from you! What are your plans this fall for your kids education?



  1. These are really nice and look super handy! Can definitely help a lot of parents be more organized.

  2. What a great idea. Definitely pinned. Thanks for creating this!

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  4. Help- I paid you and have not received my agenda. That was days ago. The $8.95 funds are paid to a momtrepreneur. Just want the agenda delivered please.

    • Optimized Reply

      hey Amelia! I sent you an email with the links to download your agendas. Sorry about that. It must have gone to your spam folder. Enjoy!


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