Since there were millions of rolls of TP sold over the past couple of months in the US alone, I started to think about what was happening to all of the TP rolls and how we can repurpose them. The whole idea of zero waste is repurposing and not throwing away things you can use for something else. It is getting creative and looking for opportunities to make something useful to what others might see as trash.

how to repurpose tp rolls

In this blog, we will focus on all of the wonderful things you can do with toilet paper rolls! And I mean super cute! Just wait until you see them. Most are crafts for mommies but I have added a few for kids as well!

I’m so excited! Let’s just get right to it…

Bird Feeder

This project is fun for the whole family and so cheap to recreate. Just cover your roll with peanut butter covered in bird seeds. Hang outside and watch as birds enjoy their treat! Click on the image for more information on this easy project for kids.

bird feeder out of tp roll

Camp Fire Starter Using TP Rolls

This is a great use for tp rolls. Who doesn’t like a good firepit night sitting around the fire, talking, making memories and roasting marshmallows? I know I do! I am defiantly trying this next time. Click on the image for more information on how to make these DIY firestarters made out of toilet paper rolls.

how to repurpose tp rolls

Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

This is so simple and costs zero dollars! Just cut small pieces and create this beautiful flower you can leave natural or paint whatever color you want.

Organize With TP Rolls

There are so many ideas on how you can use tp rolls to organize your home. These are a few of the best ideas I could find. You can organize cords, crafts, yarn, toys, and do so much more! You can even decorate them to make them super cute.

Gardening Ideas With TP Rolls

Using toilet paper rolls in your garden is a great way to put them to use. You can make biodegradable planters to start your seeds. Here are a few options below.

Kids Crafts Using TP Rolls

Keep the kids busy for hours with these fun crafts using toilet paper rolls. Click on the image to get the DIY guide so your kids can enjoy these projects while they are at home.

how to repurpose tp rolls
how to repurpose tp rolls
how to repurpose tp rolls

Party time With TP Rolls

Who knew you could make party favors out of toilet paper rolls? I have to say, these are such great ideas. From teacher appreciation gifts to utensil holders, these are very creative ways to reuse all of those tp rolls for sure. Click on the image for more details on how you can make these party favors.

I’m sure I left out a few ideas. What do you normally do with your tp rolls? Please comment below so we can get more ideas. Finding ways to repurpose and reuse things that we might normally label as trash is a great way to reduce the amount of trash that is being thrown away and it gets us using our creativity! WIN-WIN!


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  1. These are so cute!! The cord organizer idea is genius. I HATE all my husbands cords lol. Thanks for the idea.

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