I am so excited to introduce Dawn Ratner to you all. She is a mom of 3, a wife and my sister in law! She has been a health coach for a year now and she has an amazing weight loss journey to share with you and I can not wait for you to hear it! And guess what else… Its an online weight loss program! It’s all from the comfort of inside your home! No face to face meetings, no appointments and long waits at the doctor’s office once a week, and no counting points!

As someone who has struggled with weight for what seems like FOREVER, getting to a place where that is no longer holding you back from enjoying life and being who you were meant to be is freedom.

I want that for you!

At the beginning of the interview with Dawn, we discuss the mindset change that happens when you become a parent. We realize we need to be healthy not only for ourselves but for our family as well.

We want to be around for all of the birthdays, graduations, weddings and other special moments.

That is something we both had in common and I thinks it’s safe to say you guys reading feel the same way.

Here are some of the questions I asked Dawn in our time together.

1. Could you tell me a little about your health and fitness struggles? 

2. For how many years did you try different health & weight loss solutions? 

3. What made you want to get healthy?  

4. How has your program impacted your life? 

5. What makes your program different from others? 

6. What do clients get with your program 

7. How do people reach you if they are interested in your program 

I LOVE her answers and professional advice! It aligns so well with what Optimized Life promotes daily.

Here at Optimized Life, we want to create healthy families and encourage wellness communities. We are simply people who want to live our healthiest and best life possible. 

It starts with one small change…

You can see what it takes to lose weight and keep it off for good by listening to the interview below.

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  1. Wooop well done, Dawn! I like the focus on mindset, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, all so important, as is recognising plans need to be customised to each unique person. xx

  2. Incredible. I enjoyed the recipe part the most. I was simply drooling. If one gets to eat such lipsmacking dishes, I think everyone will love to work it out for weight loss. Sharing on my wall.
    Please go thru mine this salad may also get entry in your recipe list❤️. Kidding

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