It’s been something like a storm brewing in the distance that is gaining speed and intensity. You may have heard of it but likely haven’t given much thought to it (unless you are one of “us”) but times are a-changing, and with the growing confidence of a few select people, they are bringing it to a social media platform near you with all the ferocity of category 5 hurricane but with the loving hands and touch of a wellness coach.

free sobriety challenge
30-day sobriety challenge

It is Dry January!

It’s something rarely spoken about that used to be for those with a “drinking problem” but now that mentality is slowly changing and how we look at alcohol culture is evolving.

Praise the Lord…

Sobriety does not have the negative connotation that it once had. There are several big names out there that are changing the face of what sobriety looks like. In fact, many of the wellness/life coaches out there are, sober. And that makes complete sense.


You wouldn’t take advice on life from someone bellied up at the bar every evening, would you?

Ever heard of Brene Brown or Glennon Doyle?

What about Gabrielle Bernstein?

These ladies are sober and have been for some time. And not because they wanted to lose weight or look better (not that there is anything wrong with ANY reason you get sober), but they knew it was affecting their lives and they wanted to live free from anything that could potentially hold them back.

What is grey area drinking?

Some did have an addiction to alcohol and other’s lived on Grey Street.
I affectionately call it Grey Street as I have been a Dave Matthews fan for 3 decades now and he has a fantastic song named ‘Grey Street’ that I identify with when I think about my past drinking habits…

And there will be more on Grey Street in blogs to come be. But for now, just understand the bottom line that is Grey Street is where most of the drinkers in the world hang out…

They just don’t realize there is a name for it. It’s actually called grey area drinking. You aren’t in AA or you haven’t lost your job (these are huge stereotypes but we all have thought that at one time or another) but you may have googled, “do I have a drinking problem” or you have tried unsuccessfully to cut back by placing parameters on your drinking.

That means you tell yourself that you won’t drink on weekdays but give yourself permission to cut loose on the weekend. Or you won’t drink liquor one evening and only drink light beer. Which typically doesn’t work and leads to binging.

If you learn anything from this blog know this, if you are wondering if you have a drinking problem, then you likely do. And that is a good place to be.

We can fix that!

It took me 4 years before I would admit I had created a problem.

Alcohol culture wants you to live for Thirsty Thursday, Boozy Brunches and the good old saying “it’s 5 O’Clock somewhere.”

That mentality gives the go-ahead to ignore our better judgment and press on to living in the moment catering to our selfish desires to do what feels best IN THAT MOMENT rather than what is actually best for us IN THE LONG RUN.

We see the shirts that at Target that tell us “They Whine so I Wine,” which is referring to our children complaining (or being kids) so we need a to drink to cope.

Or “Killing My Liver, On The River,” which honestly, I don’t think there is a worse shirt in the world to wear, that is telling you it’s ok to go tubing and get trashed.

It is no wonder that we had to create a month to take off from drinking. It is literally everywhere. But we aren’t stopping there. Some of us, like myself, will hit milestones that are much longer than 30 days.

In fact, on January 7th, 2020, I will hit 600 days of sobriety. And no I did not go to AA and I did not lose my job. I was a grey area drinker and I finally got so fed up with my own bullshit that I was able to put down the drink for good. But I had to start with Day 1.

Now it’s my life’s mission to be amongst the names mentioned above, that help to inspire others to put down the drink and live their best life.

I host 30-day Sobriety Challenges and each day more people sign up to learn more about sobriety.

Dry January is just a great place to start.

So, if you are ready to put down the bottle or even if you are just sober curious, then let’s talk. My groups are 100% free. I help you find peace with this lifestyle and to even own it as a rebellious act in a world of conformity.

It is called Purposely Sober and I hold private support groups on Facebook to help others navigate their sobriety.

So let’s link-up! If you need help reach out. We can do this together.


30-day free sobriety challenge
Grey area drinking

Rhiannon is a Certified Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach focusing on Sobriety.

You can find her at:

Facebook: Rhiannon Tzimenatos Fitness

Instagram: rhi.fit_

If you’d like to join her Sobriety Group, look for 30 Day ”Purposely Sober”
Challenge on Facebook or email



  1. What an inspirational article! Alcoholism runs in my family, so when I catch myself drinking more than a glass or two of wine a week I start to worry and intentionally stop. I’m honestly terrified of becoming like my father was when I was growing up. Thank you for sharing this, I know it will inspire so many!

    • Optimized Reply

      Hi Melissa! Same here. I really had to check myself and be honest with my Wine drinking. I am afraid I am a grey area drinker but now I know!

  2. Sounds like a great challenge! We don’t drink at all but I’m aware of the problem and have seen many people struggle with alcohol.

  3. This sounds awesome! My husband lived in that grey area until he decided to get serious about playing soccer and gave up beer. He’s felt SO much better!

  4. Absolutely adore this post! I have not been a ‘big drinker” since getting pregnant with my first daughter 17 years ago. I found there was not much time to really even enjoy a glass of wine with kids in tow. This wine and drinking culture you speak of…you hit the nail on the head!

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