With the warm weather here, I have been searching Pinterest for the best (and healthiest) summer “mocktails”(or cocktails). I noticed that most recipes called for flavored carbonated water.

Since we are all about being intentional with what we eat and drink, I felt it was necessary to do a little research to see “How healthy carbonated water is”.

summer cocktails


What is carbonated water?

Carbonated water is simply regular water with dissolved carbon dioxide. You may have heard them called sparkling water, club soda, sodas water, fizzy water or seltzer water. Even though it is slightly acidic, it doesn’t make your body any more acidic than it already is.

Benefits of Carbonated Water!

  1. Healthy Alternative To Soda: It gives you that “soft drink’ experience when you are tired of drinking plain water. It’s refreshing and a good alternative to sugar drinks.
  2. Improves Digestion: If you experience digestion issues or indigestion after you eat, try drinking some carbonated water to help settle your stomach.
  3. Alleviates constipation: Eating foods high in fiber as well as drinking water prevents constipation. Carbonated water helps the fiber do its job and creates a normal bathroom experience for you.
  4. Good way to stay hydrated: Water in general is necessary for your health. We do not drink nearly as much water as we should. We must replenish any water that leaves our body throughout the day as we sweat, use the restroom or spit. Our body needs to stay balanced and hydrated. Drinking carbonated water will do just that.
  5. You get all of the same benefits as drinking plain water: Since Carbonated water is water, you get ALL of the benefits of drinking plain water. I recently wrote an article called “The advantage (and disadvantage) of drinking water. You should read it for more reasons on why we need water.
  6. Reduces appetite: Drinking carbonated water prior to meals makes you feel full and the bubbles take up space in your stomach so you eat less. Studies show that drinking carbonated water is significantly more filling than plain water.

So, drink your sparkling water in peace and know that you are still being intentional while drinking you refreshing cocktail while poolside on a hot summer day.

I found a few recipes I think you will love!

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Skinny Mojito

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Miami Mama Mocktail

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Fun in the sun

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