I am a blogger and a middle aged woman who is constantly looking at her computer screen or some kind of a device for work. Who am I kidding, I look at it when I am bored as well! I was starting to see the effects literally…

My eyes were strained and exhausted by the end of the day. I was noticing more and more headaches. I started google searching ways to relieve eye strain. Thanks to algorithm, I started getting random promotions and ads on the very topic I was searching for.

Thats when I started reading about blue light and how its bad for your eyes both short term and long term.

I want to show you the best (and super cute) blue light blocking glasses ever!

What is blue light?

Blue light isn’t just something we see on our screens. Blue light is all around us. Take the sun for example. The sun is our main source for blue light. Thats the reason we see blue sky’s.

“The human eye perceives only the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which ranges from 380-700 nm and is represented by the colors violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red,” she says. “Blue light, also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light, has the shortest wavelength of visible light (between 380-500 nm) and therefore produces the highest amount of energy.”

says Dr. Rowen

Today, we are exposed to more artificial blue light on a daily basis. From smartphones to tablets to computers, its everywhere we look! The issue is, blue light is more likely to cause damage when absorbed by certain cells in our body.

We spend much of our time using these devices for work and even pleasure. Most of that time it is super close to our eyes and that causes issues. If you add up the time you spend looking at blue light in one day, it’s easy to see how blue light is having a negative effect on your health.

Effects from blue light

Too much of anything will catch up to you eventually. When it comes to looking at blue light, you will start seeing the effects which could include:

But we have to work and make money! We can’t just revert back to 1990 and live without computers and devices.

Simple and inexpensive tricks can help you reduce the risk of both short term and long term effects so you can continue to go about your day while protecting your eyes and make that money!

One way is by purchasing blue light blocking glasses.

What are blue light blocking glasses

Blue light blocking glasses are special eyeglasses meant to optimize your eyesight while you’re working and looking at screens. They help reduce glare (the main cause of eye strain and headaches) making it easier to look at your screen for longer periods of time.

And did I mention they fit perfect and look amazing? Bonus!

How can I get mine!

I was able to get these from Amazon for only $19.99! They come with a case and a cleaning cloth.

I absolutely love mine and I have seen a noticeably difference since I started wearing them. I even bought some for my family to wear while they are on their computers doing their schoolwork.

Just use this link to get yours!


$20 is a great price to pay to ensure optimal eye health. Grab yourself a pair and see the difference it can make.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I am getting some just what I need! Yes they are fashionably cute as well!

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