Is celery a newfound miracle superfood or is the idea of improving your health and losing weight if you drink it everyday bogus?

Can celery juice really do all of this and if so, where has it been all of my life?!

You will get mixed reviews if you search google “celery juicing”. But there is one platform that is continually seeing an increase in popularity and that is Instagram

This article will explain the reasons behind the controversy and mixed opinions about celery juice as well as explain the science behind this growing trend.

#celery has over 900k post, #celeryjuice has over 70k post and #celeryjuicebenifits has over 17k post.

This rising trend is also very poplar within the celebrity and influencer community as well.

People from Kim Kardashian, Jenna Dewan, Gwenneth Paltrow along with YouTube and Instagram influencers are absolutely loving this trend and raving about it all over the internet.

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Why The Contraversy?

If we are constantly hearing about all of the amazing benefits and results after just drinking only one glass a day, then why are some people claiming it’s all bogus?

The confusion about celery juice comes from the source itself and the lack of scientific evidence claiming one of the most important aspects of drinking pure celery juice… undiscovered salt in celery.

We started hearing about how powerful celery juicing is from Anthony Williams AKA Medical Medium. He wrote a book that will be released this Summer about Celery Juice Cleansing. He has also written a few other books that became #1 sellers. Williams basically started this “Celery Juice Movement”. He is the reason so many people are obsessed.

Celery Juice Movement

In order for you to understand why so many people believe or discredits his theory, you have to know who he is

He is not a doctor, he’s not a healthcare professional at all… he is a medium and he claims he was given the ability to converse with the spirit of compassion and given information to help recover peoples health.

I know… Bare with me and keep reading along

His theory on why celery juice is the best thing since sliced bread is because of the undiscovered salt it contains. These salt clusters, when consumed, gets into every crevice of our body and work together to destroy any virus, bacteria, pathogen, toxins and even neurotoxins.

This is why he claims people are getting relief from their symptoms and has even seen chronic and mystery illnesses reverse and disappear from consuming only 16 oz of pure celery juice a day on an empty stomach.

The idea sounds so life changing for our health and our future. There are so many people who believe this and have personally seen their quality of life positively affected by this juice.

This is what I know to be true.

We (America as a whole) realize the unhealthy damage that has been happening over the past 50ish years and we have seen our loved ones suffer and even die from health related issues and we realize it’s the result of a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle.

We love, trust and appreciate our doctors and healthcare providers and we’re also so thankful for medication.

However, we know there are natural remedies we can do daily to help make our quality of life better than ever. If we can optimize our life by taking this supplement or drinking that juice, why not? We should!

Do I personally feel Anthony Williams claims are legit? I can not confirm or deny his claims but I hope they are because that would be awesome!

In a way, I honestly don’t think it matters that much because there are scientifically based benifits from drinking celery juice that makes this an amazing addition to your morning with or without the salt.

Benefits from Celery Juice

  • It has anti-inflammatory effects that can help with gut and skin issues as well as other inflammations in your body.
  • Celery juice is high in vitamin K which promotes general bone and heart health.
  • Contains magnesium, phthalides, and potassium, celery and can help those with high blood pressure.
  • It is high in vitamin C
  • It’s a good source of fiber

The facts show that drinking celery juice is safe and it does have a lot of great benifits… anything else is just a huge added bonus.

I have seen some shocking before and after pictures on instagram…

Juicing Tips

If you are new to juicing, welcome!

I have a great celery juice recipe below

Celery juice recipe
Celery Juice Recipe

I know I didn’t need to make a recipe card for something so simple, I was just trying to make a point that this is super easy to make.

If you do not own a juicer, I highly recommend purchasing the Omega Juicer.

Omega Juicer for juicing
Omega Juicer for juicing


If you do not want to make your own, I found this alternative.

Raw celery powder
Raw Celery Powder

The product contains whole, raw, fresh freeze-dried celery

This is the closest thing to a celery picked fresh from your garden.

Contains no fillers, sugar or sweeteners, and no preservatives. Pure whole grounded celery


There is a lot of research that proves celery juice is and should be a part of your daily diet.

The Gist

Like I mentioned in the text above, it’s safe and effective. We don’t need scientific based evidence proving if there is undiscovered salt clusters in celery. If all we get is what is proven to be its benefits, it’s still good enough.

I don’t believe there is a big marketing scheme trying to squeeze money out of us by making us believe we should all drink this juice. Celery is probably the cheapest vegetable at the supermarket.

As always, speak with your healthcare provider if you have any questions or reservations about starting a new diet. NOTE: I am obviously not a doctor, just a person interested in health and wellness. Please, always do your own research.

Speaking of research, thank you for reading. I really got into all of the research and I could not put my pen down. What I started out thinking would be an easy recipe article to write, turned into a controversial topic.

Now it’s your turn

I hope you enjoyed this post on intended for optimal health. 

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