Over the past few years, I have become fascinated with longevity and reversing the aging process starting from the inside. The more I learn, the more I realize that how we age is almost entirely up to us. Only about 30% of how we age is determined by genetics. The rest is dependent on our lifestyle.

After becoming a senior health coach and lifespan education specialist, my mission is to teach people the things they should start doing today no matter how old or young they are so they can slow down or even reverse the aging process from the inside out and prevent age-related diseases and improve their health so they can live healthy, long, independent lives as they age.

I have helped many people transform their lives, gain energy, lose weight, choose the right supplements, optimize their health and change their mindset about aging, health, and fitness.

I wanted to share with you 2022’s best longevity products that will optimize not only your health but your lifespan as well.

2021 best longevity products

Best Health & Longevity Books:

An interesting fact about reading, people who are over 50 and read an average of 4 hours a week lived almost 2 years longer than people who don’t read. This was the conclusion after a study that was posted in Social Sciences & Medicine done on almost 4,000 men and women over 50 years old. This study also found that reading books has more longevity benefits than newspapers or magazines.

“We found that reading books provided a greater benefit than reading newspapers or magazines. We uncovered that this effect is likely because books engage the reader’s mind more – providing more cognitive benefit, and therefore increasing the lifespan,”


Other benefits of reading regardless of age include:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improves sleep quality

So, grab a book below, find a quiet place to sit, and enjoy learning something new while adding time to your life.

David Sinclair: “LIFESPAN Why we age and why we don’t have to”

This was the book that got me interested in longevity. He starts off by saying “everything we think we know about aging is about to change”.

The author of Lifespan is David Sinclair. He is a professor in the Department of Genetics as well as a co-director for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School.

In this revolutionary book, David Sinclair goes into detail about what happens on a cellular level as we age and suggests that aging is a disease and we need to start making changes so we can live a longer healthier life. Find out David Sinclair’s theory on why we age and how we can slow down and even reverse aging by doing certain things.

Sergy Young: “The Science and Technology of Growing Young”

I first heard about this book on Ed Myletts’s podcast. He did an awesome interview with Sergey Young titled ” End Aging And Grow Younger”.

In this book, Sergey Young talks about how you can improve the quality of your life by making certain changes throughout your day so you can live longer and he confirms his advice with science.

I was personally motivated after reading what he had to say. It made me realize even more how much control we have over the outcome of our health.

For so long we have been taught that we are the product of our genetics. The truth is our genetics only make up about 30% of our health and longevity.

If more people understood just that sentence alone, it would not only change lives but generations that followed.

Dan Buettner: “The Blue Zones”

Let me tell you a little about the Blue Zones if you haven’t heard about it yet. This fascinated me a couple of years ago and I have been following and implementing this in my life ever since.

In a nutshell, The Blue Zones are the Healthiest 5 countries that have the most centenarians. Centenarians are people who live past 100 years of age.

These countries are Okinawa, Japan; Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; and Loma Linda California.

National Geographics studies these 5 countries for 10 years and found that these countries have the same 9 things in common. These are. known as “The Power 9”.

This book is all about giving practical ways others can eat and live like the world’s healthiest people by adopting the power 9 into their lifestyle. It’s the “HOW”.

I won’t spoil the book and tell you what these 9 things are. You will either have to read the book or do a quick google search to find out.

Best Supplements For Longevity:


If you read “Lifespan” by David Sinclair, you would have learned a lot about NMN.

NMN is a molecule that naturally occurs in all species. NMN is a precursor for NAD+ which is an important coenzyme found in all living cells so it’s essential for life. The main role NAD+ plays

NMN has been shown to minimize age-related weight gain, increase metabolism, increase energy, manage high cholesterol, improve eye function, improve athletic performance and control high blood pressure.

Carbon 60

Forbes said Carbon 60 to be “the molecule Could Be The Best Thing For Anti-Aging” in a recent article.

I happen to agree with that statement. I have spent the past 3 years studying and researching carbon 60 and I personally take it daily. I’m not the only one who agrees.

When Carbon 60 was discovered by 3 men back in 1985, it quickly won the Nobel Peace Prize less than 10 years later. That is almost unheard of. Carbon 60 has a long list of benefits but the main thing to understand about C60 is that it contains the highest amount of antioxidants known. Yes, more than berries, Chaga mushrooms, or anything else high in antioxidants you can think of. This is why C60 is so beneficial for your health. It doesn’t cure anything, it just gets in and neutralizes free radicles and allows our body and organs to function as they should.

Sleep Optimization:

Chili Sleep Pad

chiliPAD is a lightweight mattress pad that uses a combination of water and technology to heat or cool your bed. It is connected to the chiliPAD cube by a tube.

The cube is filled with water that can reach temperatures anywhere from 55 degrees to 115 degrees. You can have multiple cubes per bed so you and your significant other can control your own temperatures.

The key to a good night of QUALITY sleep comes down to temperature. Lowering your body’s temperature at night will in return allow you to fall asleep faster, and sleep better.

At Home Workout Equipment:

LifePro Home Vibration Plate

It is suggested that only 15 minutes on the vibration plate three times a week is all it takes for you to see the benefits of these intense vibrations to start showing. 

Vibration plates (if done consistently) may give benefits such as:

  • Weight loss 
  • Increase fat burning
  • Improve flexibility 
  • Enhances blood flow 
  • Reduce muscle soreness after exercise 
  • Builds Muscle
  • Decreases stress
  • Injury recovery
  • Reduce back pain
  • Improves strength and balance in older adults
  • Reduce bone loss
  • Improves Lymphatic system
  • Prevents bone loss
  • Tones muscles
  • Increased metabolic rate
  • Decreases cellulite

With vibration therapy, all you do is stand on the vibration plate as it’s vibrating. You can adjust the intensity of the vibrations as needed. This allows it to transmit energy into your body, forcing your muscles to contract and relax almost 30 times each second. As your body works hard to stabilize on the plate, muscles become engaged in each movement that intensifies that particular workout. You will literally feel as if you are exerting yourself as you use it.

The best Vibration Plate Workout Videos

I have the best vibration plate workout videos. You can find them all on our Youtube channel. I like to think of my workouts on my vibration plate like this… Whatever I can do on the floor, I can do on my vibration plate. The difference is because you are standing on your vibration plate when you are doing that particular exercise, it doubles and intensifies the results. There are videos on our Youtube channel for all levels. Just scroll through and try the ones that look beneficial for you. Just start off by standing on it for 10-15 minutes at first. Then you can increase and additional equipment such as dumbells, resistance bands, etc.

Find the workout videos here on Youtube

Online Health Coaching Programs For Longevity

Optimized Life offers 1 on 1 health and longevity coaching for a great price! We offer a free phone consultation where we will talk with you about your current lifestyle and concerns.

The main job of a health coach is to help set goals by looking at what stage of change you’re in and making suggestions on actions that need to be taken.

A health coach will help you get “unstuck” so you can move forward and reach your goals.

We will be your personal cheerleaders and help you implement lifestyle changes that will improve your physical health and share things you can do to live a longer life.

To schedule your 1 on 1 appointment, click the link below.


You can also join our free community where our mission is to educate and share tips about how we can all live our healthiest and longest lives possible!

Just for joining, I will give you my Ebook for FREE!


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