Over the last 10 years, research has shown Carbon 60 to be this magic molecule with many benefits but what if it could also help you live longer and add years to your life? How awesome would that be?

LIFE CHANGING! Just think of the things you can do, places you can go, people you can be introduced too if it were possible to add a few more quality years to your life.

What is Carbon 60?

You may have heard Carbon 60 called buckminsterfullerene, buckyball, C60, fullerene, or magic molecule. Most of you may not have heard of it at all or at least not yet but don’t worry, you will!

Carbon 60 is a molecule discovered by 3 scientists in 1985. This amazing discovery led the team to win the Nobel Prize in 1996 just 10 years later. This amazing discovery will change the future of health, wellness, and medicine.

Since then, there have been numerous studies done on C60. The more research done, the more benefits scientist are finding from this molecule. With that comes, the naysayers who study Carbon 60 to show how it is bad for human consumption but all they end up doing is becoming believers of C60. 

These recent studies have found C60 to increase longevity and add amazing benefits to your health. This molecule is made up of sixty carbon atoms and it looks like a very small soccer ball. The reason I’m telling you about its shape is that that is a very important detail when it comes to carbon 60. It is the reason it is so powerful.

There are two things that encourage premature aging and that is inflammation and free radicals.

C60 is now the most powerful antioxidant known. In fact, it’s known as a super antioxidant. C60 protects the body from free radicals.

How does Carbon 60 protect the body from free radicals?

Consider Carbon 60 a free radical sponge. It is the most efficient free radicle scavenger.

Free radicals are molecules that are missing electrons. When a molecule is missing an electron, it can cause damage to your body in the form of illnesses, diseases, and aging. 

Each Carbon 60 (neutron) has 120 electrons. When it is consumed, they go into your body getting into little crevices donating one of their electrons to free radicles. The free radicles now have what they now need to become productive contributors to your body instead of harming it.

It is water-soluble so it can actually get into our cells and protect them from DNA damage.

Studies on rats given C60 show a significant reduction of chromosomal aberration when compared to rats that weren’t given C60.


Lifespan Studies were done on Carbon 60

Carbon 60 is known for its studies to drastically increase the lifespan of lab rats in several studies.

In this particular study, there were 3 groups of rats that were 10 months old. Each group was fed either water, olive oil, or olive oil with Carbon 60. They did this every day for 7 days, then once a week for 2 months, then once a month for seven months.

During this process, they closely studied and tested each rat.

This is what they found…

After three years, all of the rats fed just water died which matched up with the typical life expectancy of a rat which is around 3 years. The rats given only olive-oil lived around 18% longer than water-only rats. However, the rats given Carbon 60 olive oil lived 90% longer than the rats that were given only water. In order to finally publish this astonishing research, the Carbon 60 treated rats had to eventually be put down after 6 years so they could get this information out.

The researchers concluded that the main reason carbon 60 was having this effect on the rats was because of the way it reduced oxidative stress. In other words, because carbon 60 is such a powerful antioxidant, it was able to reduce the effects of aging.

Since Carbon 60 is relatively new, there are still lots of studies still needed to be done to confirm these claims. However, what we have seen so far could be life changing for the future of medicine.

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