The good thing about this quick guide is you can utilize these tips all year long! If we can help the environment and change the world we are leaving behind to our children just by making a few small changes to what you are currently doing, why not?! GAME ON! This article will give you easy tips on how to become a zero-waste home.

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WHY do we need to be a Zero-Waste community?

We first need to establish our “WHY”. Why are we wanting to make this lifestyle change? This is important to know because we put more intention behind things we understand and have a purpose for.

Are you tired of being wasteful?

Have you ever asked yourself how can my family help the environment?

Do you want to leave our planet in a better situation than where it is heading now?

Are you someone who loves the outdoors but are saddened by the sight of so much trash on the streets?

Do you want to teach your children healthy habits?

Whatever your reason, just establish why you want to make this lifestyle change so it will motivate you when times get tough or when the newness wears off.

Where do I start?

The idea of trying to eliminate any trash from leaving your home seems a little impossible or maybe even overwhelming but it really doesn’t have to be. Besides, how amazing will it be to not have to nag hubby or the kids to “take out the dang trash”! #lifechanging

Remember, these changes don’t have to be overwhelming, expensive or they don’t happen overnight. We all have to start somewhere. Doing something is better than not doing anything at all. But where do we start?

First, we need to start the assessment process. This is just being aware and taking notes on what you are currently doing. Start noticing things around your kitchen that you are doing and the products you use on a regular basis.

Think about what mostly goes into your garbage can. Is it wasted food, plastic, or something else? This is a good way to see where you need to start.

Next, go to the grocery store and see what you purchase the most. Are you purchasing a lot of packaged foods? Produce? Self packaged food? Plastics?

After doing this a few times, start finding small ways to eliminate any unnecessary waste. Here are a few beginners tips you can start doing today!

Before I give you this list, I do want to add that I am suggesting a few products and providing links just in case you would like to make a purchase. I am not sponsored by any of these brands. These are all just my personal recommendations. However, I do get a very small commission from any purchases made.

ALRIGHT! Let’s start saving the environment!

1.Stop using plastic grocery bags. Purchase a few reusable bags from amazon or your local grocery store. You can stop hoarding those Kroger bags now! You know who you are… you have all of those bags crammed in that cabinet just in case one day you need a hundred bags for something.

2. Shop at stores that have self packaged items. Whole foods and Sprouts are a great example of this. They have a section where you can scoop and package your own food like rice, dry beans, cereals, nuts and anything else you can think of. You can also eliminate using plastic produce bags the stores provide by taking your own reusable produce bags. I love this “everything you need for the grocery store trip” kit and its so affordable! These are very durable, double-stitched, has a very supportive bottom, has a pocket on the inside and can hold up to 45lbs of groceries.


3. Look for items that are made using recycled materials. One of my favorites is Glad Recycled Kitchen Bags, toilet paper, and paper towels. These are typically a huge waste in homes so being intentional about what you are using will go a long way.

4. Get a few glass jars with lids to keep any self packaged food in. If you already have mason jars, mayo containers, etc. , use those! Use whatcha got before you go out and spend money! Unless you want everything to look cute and match… then MAKE IT RAIN! If the look of this organization gives you “all the feels, you are in the right place! Look how beautiful it looks!


5. Make your own cleaning products and get a couple of reusable cleaning bottles. If you already have a few bottles, clean them out and reuse them! Again, we are not trying to add extra expenses. We want to look for ways to reuse anything we already have. By doing this, we eliminate tossing it in the trash. Pinterest has great DIY cleaners!


6. Get a recycle can to put next to your trash can. This will easily allow you to sort your trash. You can also use a plastic bin or a bucket you have laying around the house but once you get into the habit of recycling, it will fill up fast so you want something big enough to make it through a day without visiting the outside can five times a day.


7. NO MORE WATER BOTTLES! Try eliminating single-use water bottles. Listen, I know… they are convenient and they are probably the only reason most of the use even drink water. But they are terrible for our planet! I don’t care if you recycle every single one you dink. They are not properly disposed of and they are taking over our landfills, oceans, and communities. Did you know Americans alone drink 46 billion bottles of water a year AND it takes 1000 years for a single water bottle to naturally decompose? That’s a lot of decomposing for a really long time.

Simple solution! Use reusable water bottles and get a water pitcher that is refillable from your tap. Since most tap water is filled with contaminants and tastes disgusting, we recommend Opti Water Filter. Not only does it eliminate 99.99% of all harmful contaminants, but it also alkalizes the water as well which adds health benefits. ADDED BONUS! I have one and my kids love it. They prefer it over the filtered water on the refrigerator.

Opti gives our readers a 25% discount just by using the coupon code OL25 at checkout. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THEIR WEBSITE

8. POP SOME TAGS! {In my Macklemore wrapping voice} Meaning, shop at the thrift store or a second-hand store from time to time. Twenty bucks will go a long way! Don’t worry, you don’t have to walk around looking homeless. There are some really good pieces out there you just have to dig a little to find them. Some of my most complimented and favorite outfits come from Goodwill. Think about kids play clothes or things they need just one time for that project.

Thrift shopping

9. Zero-Waste Bathroom: Our bathroom is the 2nd most wasteful part of our home. There are some really great zero waste products in this article I found from a fellow blogger, Ruby Rose. Take a look!

zero waste bathroom products

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I hope you enjoyed this zero-waste living blog. There are many other ways to have a Zero Waste home but I think this is a good start. These are the very basics. If you want more ideas, here is a book that will give you 92 more ways.

Zero Waste Book


We would love to hear from you! Are you already a Zero Waste home? If so, what is your best tip? If you are just getting started, what idea are you excited to try? Comment below!


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