If you are an athlete or have an athlete in your home, you might want to consider a carbon 60 supplement to improve and enhance athletic performance.

Many athletic supplements and performance enhancers on the market come with bad side effects such as heart palpitations, high blood pressure, sleep problems, substance abuse, and other health concerns.

Not only does carbon 60 helps athletes stay motivated, focused, alert, perform at an optimal level, but it does all of this without any side effects.

carbon 60 for athletic performance

You may have heard Carbon 60 called buckminsterfullerene, buckyball, C60, fullerene, or magic molecule. 

If you haven’t ever heard of it, it’s a recently discovered molecule shaped like a soccer ball and has many benefits that will change the future of medicine, wellness, and health.

Carbon 60 contains the highest amount of antioxidants known. This along with its shape is what makes carbon 60 such a “magic molecule”.

We are able to reap the benefits of carbon 60 by putting carbon 60 through a detailed process and adding it to an oil form. We can consume it orally or topically.

How does carbon 60 help athletes improve their athletic performance?

Carbon 60 offers athletes amazing benefits that can help on and off the field or court.

In fact, carbon 60 is a supplement anyone can take and benefit from but for the sake of this article, we will focus on why carbon 60 is the best supplement for athletes.

Improves Focus, Clarity, Agility, and Mental Sharpness: Because carbon 60 is so high in antioxidants, it protects cells from oxidative stress. This is also true with how carbon 60 reacts with the cells in our brain. This improves focus, clarity, agility, and improves mental sharpness.

Improves Muscular Health And Reduces Muscle Spasms: Carbon 60 neutralizes oxidative stress that is built up and causing unwanted pain in muscles leading to spasms.

Reduces Inflammation: Chronic inflammation can affect overall performance if left untreated. Carbon 60 helps reduce inflammation in joints reducing pain and improving range of motion. Again, it’s because of the amount of antioxidants carbon 60 contains that makes it able to neutralizes the free radicals and reducing inflammation.

Improves Recovery Time: When you apply carbon 60 topically on stressed or injured areas, it can improve recovery time.

All of these combined give athletes the option to optimize their performance and endurance, reduce recovery time, and stay focused on the task at hand.

If you noticed, there is one commonality in all of the benefits above and that is antioxidants.

That’s because carbon 60 is just packed with it.

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What carbon 60 supplements do we recommend for athletes?

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  1. I have used coconut oil in my cooking. There has been so many controversy around the consumption of coconut oil. Its interesting to see how coconut and MCT oils can be beneficial for athletes

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