Relationships are one of the most cherished parts of life. When you have a partner to go on the jumpy ride, life gets easier. You feel pampered, loved and the sky seems bluer. It’s one of the things which gives you a lot of happy moments in life. You have a person who won’t judge you, listen to all your crappy problems and most importantly share his tub of ice-cream without complaining.

Well, that’s my concept of relationship. I am pretty much sure, that’s your definition of a relationship too. Then you will also agree that in this modern, driven and ambitious world, it’s a little difficult to get to your soulmate. If soulmate is too big a jump, then let’s say a perfect partner. 

how to make a long distance relationship work

Sometimes, it takes a lot of heartbreaks to find that one person you feel like sticking to. It gets worse when your partner is miles away. Long-distance relationships can be really difficult. You miss the person terribly, calls don’t feel enough and you just feel like being with that person. I feel you. 

In such scenarios, carrying the baggage of a relationship perfectly can be really difficult. So, I thought why not share some tips or should I say relationship advice from my personal experience. This will help you have a smooth long-distance relationship. 

Remembering Why You Got Into The Relationship At The First Place 

When you don’t have a relationship, you crave it. But the moment you find a suitable person, you get into a relationship with them. Some of your major reasons can be that your partner is really kind at heart, you feel safe with them and you feel like they can be your safe haven. Also, you might have foreseen all the love, support, and pampering. Later into the days of the relationship, you should not forget this. All these good ideas about your partner and you together will help your relationship stay stronger when you are far away and the days will look darker. 

Trust Your Partner 

The very foundation of a relationship is trust. I personally live by these words. But it is difficult to trust a person who is not around you. In the same way, trusting your partner in a long-distance relationship can be hard. But you know what? That will make you happy. You will have a better relationship and emotional health.  

If you are unsure about your partner being honest with you then you set an example for them. You start off by telling about your stuff, all the big, small, good and bad stuff. Also, try not to be judgemental about the things your partner tells you. If you will judge them and argue over things they tell you, that might just refrain them from telling you things. Always, try to imagine things from yours and their perspective as well. 

Surprise Visits 

You have seen those ‘surprised my long-distance boyfriend/girlfriend’ videos over youtube where people fly miles to visit their partners. That stuff works. That one good deed can cost you months of happiness. I feel it’s a very nice thing to do for your partner. Living far away from your partner is tough and it can really exhaust your heart. So, once in a while surprising them with you instead of a gift is a good idea. 

surprising your girlfriend

Respecting Privacy 

When we are in a relationship, we get so comfortable that sometimes we forget to respect boundaries. I know, there aren’t supposed to be any boundaries but the personal boundary should be respected. Trust me when I say this, it’s very important to give your partner some personal space and privacy.

Nobody likes to get policed. Moreover, there might be moments or situations where they just need some alone time to think over things. You should let them be with themselves at times. If it’s too difficult for you to do this. Then think of it as you are giving them some alone time to miss you. 

Making Up For The Lack Of Personal Presence 

This is the toughest part. Unlike other couples, you can’t be personally there for your partner to celebrate good things and sob over bad things. You must try to fill this void. There are times your partners need you the most and if you can’t be there, at least make them feel you are. Maybe video call them or just send them their favorite flowers. These small things matter a lot. 

Send Untimely Gifts

Surprises always work. When you can’t be there to make your partner smile, send something they like to make them smile. Some of the great gifts for long-distance relationships are custom jewelry, chocolates, hampers. You can send anything your partner loves. 

giving gifts

Long-distance relationships are tough. But they don’t work is not true. They don’t work because people fail to make them work. It just needs a little bit more of everything. More trust, more patience and more of you. The most important ingredient to make a long-distance relationship work is unconditional love. If you have this, then you will get through all the tough times. Also, when you are with your partner, that moment nobody can steal from you. So make sure to make the most of it.

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  1. Long distance relationships are hard!!!!!, they are possible if both parties are willing to commit to it, it’s all a matter of how much that couple is willing to invest emotionally and mentally.
    I liked this read. Thanks

  2. You’re absolutely right in your tips to make long distance relationships work. I’d also add maturity or commitment. I was in one before where my boyfriend wasn’t mature enough, so nothing I did could save us.

  3. This is great advice! Relationships are so hard to begin with, being long-distance would make it so much harder!

  4. Yeah long distance relationships are hard because it’s really easy to pretend to be dishonest over how committed to someone a person is from a distance and it’s easy to be anxious about that from a distance so I have seen a lot of people try it and either be disappointed that they thought that it was something other than what it was or get really anxious and have an argument over the phone or over social media that wouldn’t have happened face to face. Yet I have met a handful of people who made it work and are together I guess it’s like all relationships but sometimes if there are problems they can get drawn out over a longer period of time or created when there are no problems due to the nature of how people contact each other.

  5. I did this for my last two years of college when I went away. It was hard but we ended up married, and are still married 10 years later! It really is possible 🙂

  6. Long-distance relationships are hard! I travel often and I find that the distance actually makes my relationship stronger. Trust is so important and is vital to maintaining a strong bond.

  7. I have a couple of friends whose husbands work out of state so they are gone so much or every M-F. It’s hard for them to live apart so I’ll have to share these tips!

  8. Trust is such an essential component of every relationship and especially with long-distance relationships. These are such great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great tips. From experience, long distance relationships are hard . The couple must be willing to fully trust and go an extra mile for each other.

  10. I’ve never been in a long distance relationship but it sounds hard! These things are all very important for sure.

  11. Long distance relationships are so hard. These are great tips! My husband was in the military so we had to do spend several deployments away from each other.

  12. Long distance relationships are so hard!! In college I was in one and it really took alot out of me. These are great tips!

  13. These are great considerations for couples that are trying to make a long distance relationship work. Thanks for sharing.

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