Are you looking to revamp your fall and winter fashion without having to step foot in a store? Do you find yourself wearing the same outfits or unsure of what your style actually is? We are going to introduce a few pieces you can add to your current style or help you change up your outdated wardrobe all together! Here are the top mens fall fashions for 2019 and the best part is they are affordable and versatile.

Mens fall fashion
Men’s fashion

If you are familiar with Optimized Life, you know our main goal is to help you make the best use of your current situation. So when it comes to fashion, we want to help you do just that. We want to help you look and feel your best so you can walk with confidence knowing you look amazing.

Before we get to the list, I need you to do a few things first. Be openminded and try something new!

With that said, here you go!

Light-Washed Distressed Denim

Light washed jeans are no longer considered dad jeans.

If the biker jeans and holes are not your thing, just find a pair of light washed denim jeans that are the right cut and fit for you. Oh, and please add a roll or two at the bottom. It adds another trending style to this wash. Cropped pants for men are where it’s at!

Mens Fall fashion
Men’s Jeans

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Cropped pants

Now, I’m not talking about capri pants for men. These are “cropped pants”! Totally different and they make any outfit look so trendy. Even if you don’t have style, throw on some of these and you will definitely look the look.

Mens Fall fashion
Cropped pant

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Nostalgia anyone! Corduroy is officially cool again! When we hear the word C-O-R-D-U-R-O-Y we get flashbacks from the “good old days”. As a matter of fact, from this point forward, let’s just call them “cords” so we can be really cool. From jeans to jackets, so many options. However you chose to add cords to your outfit, it will look retro and stylish. I have a slim fit jacket below. Add a graphic tee underneath to complete the look.

Mens Fall fashion
Corduroy shirt

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Mismatch Denim

Matching denim is out… However, to pull this look off, there are a couple of things you need to remember. Make sure to choose a wash that’s either lighter or darker. Don’t put dark denim with another dark denim. For a more slimming look, go lighter on top and darker on the bottom. Also, make sure each piece is a different wash, texture, and look. For example, this distressed button-up shirt would look amazing with a pair of darker denim jeans. To complete this look, leave it unbuttoned and put a basic t-shirt underneath with a pair of trendy sneakers and your favorite baseball hat. HOT!

Mens Fall fashion
Denim Shirt

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Solid T-shirt

Speaking of… The possibilities are endless with a classic t-shirt. You can dress it up or down. You can easily wear this shirt and add some light washed jeans and go about your day knowing you look amazing. Sometimes simple is better! Or, you can throw a blazer over this tee and put on a pair of cropped pants and head to work. Every man needs a few of these in a variety of colors.

Mens Fall fashion
Grey Shirt

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A POP of color

The trend here is a pop of color, not necessarily a red cardigan. I personally love this look (especially the layered look with the tie PERFECTION) but not everyone does. You can get that old red puffer jacket you have in the back of your closet or throw on those yellow shoes. The idea is to add a bright color to your neutral outfit and create a look that will stand out in a crowd.

Mens Fall fashion
Red Cardigan

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Flannel overshirt

This simple and easy look can be pulled off by anyone. Wear it buttoned up, unbuttoned, tie it around your waist, cuff the sleeves, tuck it in or leave it untucked. You can wear them with shorts, jeans, or khakis. Complete the outfit by wearing flipflops, boots, sneakers or suede derby shoes. You will get a variety of looks with a nice flannel shirt. I’m basically saying all of this to say, you need this shirt in your life.

Mens Fall fashion
Flannel Shirt

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Suede Jacket

Ladies love this fashion statement! This is such a soft but masculine look. Suede is very versatile and can be worn with anything. However, it is best to make it stand out by pairing it with a plain tee or flannel shirt. You can complete the look by adding cropped pants, distressed denim or black slim-fit jeans. Again, so many options!

Mens Fall fashion
Suede Jacket

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Baseball Hat

Throw on a baseball hat with anything- including your business casual wear. A nice structured hat goes well with any outfit. Needles to say, there are things NOT to do when trying to pull off this trend so you don’t end up looking like a teenage boy.

  1. Please don’t wear it sideways…
  2. DO NOT leave the stickers on
  3. Keep it clean and classic
  4. Make sure it is the right size and cut for your head


  1. Wear it backward
  2. Wear it with a suit
  3. Use it as your POP of color when needed
Mens Fall fashion
Baseball Hat

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When it comes to sneakers, its all about comfort and style. And when you find THE pair, there is nothing you cant do. The shoe game is stronger than ever in 2019. Thanks to Kanye, dad shoes are back, Jordans are STILL in style and vans are the “go-to” shoe for the classic look. You can’t go wrong with a good sneaker. Here are a few looks you can easily achieve and afford.

Minimalist Sneaker:

The clean and classic look is very versatile and you can dress up with a tailored suit or dress them down casual jeans. Adidas Stan Smith’s are a necessity in any wardrobe. 

Statement Sneakers:

Keep things cool and comfortable with these Cole Haan Kicks. These are a great option for men who are on their feet all day but want to look trendy. They are supportive, lightweight, comfortable and revolutionary. You can dress them up or down, you can’t go wrong with these.

The Old School Sneaker:

Vans brought back their Old School suede canvas sneakers and everyone and their momma has a pair. If you don’t have them, you are missing out on the chance to combine old school with today’s trends.

The OG Of Sneakers… Jordan 11

I can not tell you how perfect these are in a suit or tuxedo. Many famous people wear these on the red carpet. You don’t have to be famous to pull these off. Put these on instead of boots and wear them with a nice pair of trousers or jeans. You will turn some heads in these retro Jordans.

Now that you have the Top 11 Fall Trends that will help you optimize your look, comment below and let us know what you will implement this season! We would love to hear from you. Go out in style and look like a boss this fall knowing you look cool and confident.

Ladies, I didn’t forget you! Here are your 2019 Fall And Winter’s Most Affordable Trends For Women Take a look!


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