Now that we have our New Years resolutions out of the way, we can really focus on having realistic goals that we will actually follow through with (I am speaking from personal experience here).

We all had that “Thing” we wanted to do, see or eliminate from our life in order to feel as if we completed a goal. I’m sure most of you did awesome and crushed it! And for some of us… not so much.

Health and wellness are ALWAYS the #1 thing we want to improve or change on January 1st. It is hard to keep our fitness goal and I have my own theory on why most fail at our New Years resolutions…

  1. It’s literally the middle of winter. This means it is way too cold to get up early and rush off to the gym to workout only to freeze when we walk out sweaty. It only takes a few days of doing that before we decide we are not doing that.
  2. Again, its cold… We love comfort food, not salads and veggies!
  3. Have I mentioned the fact that ITS COLD on January 1st? We don’t want to go outside unless we absolutely have to. We are hibernating… and that will soon catch up with us.

We have the best intentions and we think about it everyday. We know summer is right around the corner, and we need to work on our bathing suit bodies but … it’s just too darn cold!

Now that we can feel spring (and see it… green and all over our cars), we are more motivated to get outside and get moving! It’s crunch time now.

I have here the top 7 trending wellness for 2019 that are practical and easy to maintain to optimize your health.

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#1. Collagen : If you are a returning readers or ours, you know that we love some collagen. We have several articles talking about the benefits of collagen and why we all need to find a good supplement.

Collagen is here to stay! As we start hearing more about it, the more obsessed we will get. It’s already everywhere we look and for a great reason! Collage is protein that help hold your body’s tissues together, and it’s found in your skin, ligament, tendons, muscles, hair, nails and tissue. So you can see why we need collagen.

Our body naturally produces collagen, however the issue is our collagen production starts slowing down in our 30s. We will start seeing and feeling the effects in our joints and skin as well as other areas.

This is when we need to find ways to add it back. Taking a collagen supplement in the form of powders, creams and vitamins is a great way to do that.

Having the right amount of collagen protein in our body will allow you to live an active lifestyle, look youthful and make you feel your very best. That is what an optimized life is all about.

If you do not have a good collagen supplement, we recommend Great Lakes Collagen Powder. It is odorless, tasteless and you can add it to essentially anything. I always add mine to my morning coffee, smoothie or lemon water. 2 tablespoons is all you need!

Great Lakes Collagen


#2. CBD – is a natural compound found in Cannabis. CBD does not make a person feel “stoned”. We are seeing CBD EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING! People want the medical benefits of Cannabis without the “high” feeling. Seeking alternatives to prescription medications are on the rise. CBD is in synch with natural processes. By understanding how our bodies function on a deep level, you can get relief by using CBD for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression and many other conditions. You can get CBD in the form of creams, oils, food and vape oils.


#3. Wellness kitchen –  This is a lifestyle change that will transform the most popular room in our home into a better reflection of ourselves. Instead of contributing to an unhealthy lifestyle, these kitchens will only encourage a healthier lifestyle for our bodies, our minds, and our planet.

As we seem to get closer and closer to healthy eating and making it more of a lifestyle change, we are also noticing our kitchens need a wellness makeover. We are getting rid of canned and packaged food while adapting to a plant based lifestyle. People are starting to eat more farm to table, organic, local, homegrown and plant based foods. Wellness Kitchens are designed simple and eco friendly.

Wellness Kitchen

“Why do we still embrace kitchens designed to store dead-food and non-food in dark cupboards to be consumed months–or even years– later? We don’t want to eat like that anymore. We want living, healthy, organic local food.”
– Veronica Schreibeis

I found this amazing Guide that shows you how to create the perfect Wellness Kitchen. GET IT HERE!

#4. Sleep Optimization – If there is one thing EVERYONE needs, it is sleep. The problem is, some of us have a hard time falling asleep or even staying asleep long enough for it to count. There are many factors that get in the way of sleep… kids, pets, stress, lifestyle and jobs. Minimal sleep contributes to serious health problems and keeps you from living your best life.

In order to be intentional and make each day count, we need to do what we can to optimize our sleep. Using sleep trackers help you see the quality of sleep you are actually getting. I actually wrote an intire article about sleep optimization. It gives you tips and tricks on how to get a good night of deep sleep so you can handle anything life throws at you.


#5. Fitness tracking – Fitness trackers have been getting more and more attention because it helps us stay on track and set daily goals. Most wearable fitness trackers double as a sleep tracker. Fitness trackers track more than just your steps. They now monitor your heart, stress, sleep, tracks your activities throughout the day and more!

Have you seen the options on the market? So many to choose from! The right fitness tracker will be based on your individual needs and lifestyle. The good news is that there’s something out there for you and it is a very affordable option for people wanting to stay fit and healthy.

These are my two of my most favorite options (if you are asking for my opinion)

Motive Activity Tracker

You can wear it 24/7 to track your steps, distance, heart rate, calories burned, as well as monitors your sleep. It’s lightweight, waterproof and not bulky and actually looks just like a wedding band. It has a 3-day battery life and charges in only 90 minutes.


Bellabeat Leaf

The Bellabeat Leaf health tracker can be worn in many ways. Wear it as a bracelet, necklace or a clip. She can wear it as she is going throughout your day, either walking the dog, at the park with the kids, working out or even sleeping. It’ll track every single move she makes as well as track stress, reproductive cycle, sleep, motivation and steps.


*Get 10%off by adding promo code OPTIMIZED-LIFE at checkout

#6. Rucking – “Cardio for people who thinks running sucks”. Rucking is simply walking with a weighted backpack. It is so simple. Again, here is a great example of how modern society is getting back to the basics. Rucking is great for people who love the outdoors but hates running. It allows you to burn calories, builds muscle and endurance. It’s great for your overall health. All you do is grab a backpack and some water and start walking/hiking.

Here is a great Tactical Rucking Backpack if this is something you want to implement in your exercise routine.


#7. Wellness and Fitness Communities – Community’s like Optimized Life are providing the resources people need to achieve and maintain optimal health. Online and local meetups are allowing people the opportunity to get involved, share their story and get the help they need to achieve their wellness goals.

You have a voice! Share your story with people other than your circle of friends. Imaging the impact you could make just by saying “ I struggle with that too” or “ I have been there and this is what I did”. Often times, we feel alone and we don’t want to share our journey but being apart of a community proves otherwise.

Here at Optimized Life, we wanted to create a place for you to share and receive information on how to live your healthiest and best life possible. Our hope is to give you the tools you can use to modify your quality of life while encouraging you to make small changes to optimize your health.

We would love to have you apart of this FREE community. All you have to do is CLICK HERE!

We would love to have you!

Your Turn!

Which one of these trends have you tried? Which ones are you going to start implementing ASAP? Comment below and share!



  1. My husband started taking CBd oil to help with difficulty sleeping – seems to be helping! I also love the idea of a wellness kitchen.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am so interested in collagen supplements. I also like the idea of a wellness kitchen.

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