The #1 trend in 2022 will be online fitness groups and for some really great reasons.

While some people like going to the gym to work out, some people don’t because of small kids, busy schedules, odd work hours, or they just feel uncomfortable going. Online fitness classes have made it so convenient and less intimidating to work out because you can do it from home while meeting new people and being part of a community. If you cant join the live stream at the time the class is scheduled, you can catch the recorded version instead.

vibration plate online fitness classes

This Online Vibration Plate Fitness Group adds a unique spin to your everyday exercises.

I have created such a unique and effective fitness program that will optimize your workouts and get you results!

It’s helped me go from a size 18 to a 9 in a year.

Not only did I lose over 50 lbs, but I became stronger as well. 

weight loss transformation vibration plate

Each class is only 20 minutes but you get the same benefits as if you were working out for an hour.

The reason why this is possible is that by standing on the vibration plate, the vibrations contract your muscles up to 50 times per second without even doing anything but standing on it.

The magic happens when you incorporate weights, resistance bands, and other exercise equipment.

Each class focuses on a specific area and muscles.

For example, Mondays sessions are 8:30 am and 6:30 pm and target the upper body muscles and I mean all of them.

Wednesday is lower body day with classes at 8:30 am as well as 6:30 pm and we do abs and glutes on Thursday evening at 7 pm and Friday morning at 8:30 am.

One Saturday a month we offer our Vibration Plate Bootcamp that lasts 45 minutes and literally hits every muscle in your body by combining exercises that simultaneously works each muscle group.

By implementing my techniques, not only will you have a full-body workout in half the time but you will start looking and feeling stronger in no time.

You can get our Vibration Plate Fitness Bundle that comes with everything you need to optimize your vibration plate workouts in just 15 minutes.

If you want to:

You Can Get Your Complete Vibration Plate Bundle For Only $249 PLUS Bonuses!

  • Vibration Plate VALUE AT $189
  • ​All 3 band sizes VALUED AT  $24.98
  • Workout mat for floor exercises VALUED AT $26.99
  • ​ALL Of My Exclusive Vibration Plate Workout Videos  BONUS
  • ​My “No More Excuses” Ebook VALUED AT $39.97 BONUS
  • ​Free Shipping VALUED AT $49 BONUS
  • A motivational necklace VALUED AT $29.97

PLUS! Added Bonus I am also excited to announce my Live Online Workout Classes. You will be able to join me and my entire community online as we work out together. Don’t worry, we will start with a beginners class and progress as needed. I will be there to help you and show you exactly what to do. VALUED AT $225

PLUS! Another Added Bonus I also want to do momentum coaching calls with you 2 times a month to help you in your health and fitness journey. VALUED AT $300


But You Pay Only $249 Today!

If you already have a vibration plate, just join our online interactive fitness group!

The cost is only $24.99 a month.

You will get:

  • Unlimited classes
  • Access to the boot camps
  • One 1-on-1 session with me a week
  • Our “How to live a longer and healthier life” EBook
  • Recorded videos of the classes if you missed it
  • A motivational necklace
  • Access to our Facebook group to help you stay motivated.

Don’t have a vibration plate but you would like to try out the class before you buy one? Get a 14 day trial for only $1!

You will have access to all of the live and recorded sessions so you can decide if this is the class for you!

To learn more about our Vibration Plate Online Fitness Group, and to sign up for one of the options above, Click the link below. I would love to work out with you!

Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what our community has to say!

“Optimized Life with Sandra is AMAZING!!! I have never felt better. Through Sandra’s program, she has taught me how to live a healthier life so that I can make the most of every day. I am proud to say that I can now run, lift weights, and do cardio! Sandra has taught me so many different exercises that are tailored for my body and ability. Not only that, she has taught me how to eat healthier and what my body needs to thrive. “

Jessica Case

“When I started working out, I scheduled a meeting with Sandra to discuss supplements. She was extremely knowledgeable! She inspired me to focus on getting healthy, not just losing weight. Her excitement for health is infectious!”

Kristi L.

“Sandra is awesome. She really goes over the workout routines and keeps them fun. I enjoy working out with her guidance and support. She helps you find different ways of doing the workouts so that you can figure out which way works best for you. You can tell that she genuinely wants you to feel healthier and create a good workout lifestyle.” 

Danielle O’Brian

“I’ve been with Optimized Life for about 2 months now and I must say that it has made my relationship with exercise and outlook on a healthy lifestyle much much better! From the vibration plate workout classes to the health plan, my life has already improved so much. Sandra’s encouragement of really changing your thinking about health first really helps the rest fall in line.”

Brittany Edens

Sandra Tanner Optimized Life

‘m Sandra Tanner and I have been a health and wellness advocate and enthusiast for a decade now. I am a certified specialist in health and fitness as well as a blogger for Optimized Life. I have been able to help many people transform their life, gain energy, lose weight, choose the right supplements, change their mindset about their health, and even reverse age and health-related conditions. -Sandra


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