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Here at Optimized life, we love featuring guests that can help us do just that. That’s why I invited Monica Tanner to speak to us about this very important topic… SEX!

Not that we have to have a good excuse for talking about sex but a great reason would be that having sex often (with the right person) is good for your health.

Having sex raises the heart rate and gets the blood and oxygen flowing. ‘On a basic level, sex is exercise,’ says sexual psychotherapist Paula Hall. ‘It’s good for blood pressure , muscle tone and the cardiovascular system. It also produces hormones that are good for restoring tissue

Who Is Monica Tanner?

Monica Tanner is a wife, mom of 4, and a Relationship and Intimacy Sexpert. Her obsession is helping couples create the relationship they crave by having better quality sex. 

She also has a podcast called on The Brighter Side Of Life. 

That’s where I actually met Monica. She did an interview with me and my hubby. You can listen to it here! 

I want to start off by saying that Monica has become one of my favorite people to follow on social media in just a short amount of time.

I love how open and transparent she is about her relationship with her husband and the passion she has helping others experience the same with their spouse. 

Saying that, lets talk about sex! 

So, how do you seduce your spouse without feeling silly or trying too hard? Monica does!!!

Here are some of the questions I asked her in this interview.

First off, how did you become a sexpert? 

Tell me about what you are currently working on!

Give us an example and tell us a little about what day 1 and 2 have been like?

Why did you create this free challenge?

Who is this challenge for?

As a sexpert, what are some challenges you see in relationships? 

What advice would you give to the couple who has been married for 10+ years and is bored and looking to spice things up?

Since Optimized Life is all about finding ways to live your healthiest and best life possible, what are 3 things you do on a daily basis that allows you to like an Optimized Life?

Hear all of her sexpert answers in the interview below.

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