If you are looking for an office Christmas party or a Christmas party idea in general, SPOILER ALERT ugly Christmas sweater parties were so last year, and the year before, and the year before that … so why not embrace the newest fashion accessory (aka face masks) and at least make them a little less dreadful for one day.

Don’t worry, you can still wear your ugly Christmas sweater from last year that won you the first-place prize $50 Amazon Gift Card WOOP!! and let’s be honest, you have been waiting all year long for your chance to break it out and wear it again. I’m sure it will go perfectly with your tacky Christmas face mask AND you will get bonus points for being extra!

In this blog post, I have shared a few face masks I found to be pretty tacky. I added the link underneath to make it convenient for you to order it if you see something you like.

Some of them (not all) may include affiliate links. All this means to you is if you make a purchase through that link, Optimized Life could receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. 

With that said, here are a few tacky Christmas face mask I found online:

Best Christmas Face Mask 2020

These Bandana Mask Face Covering with Ear Loop are such fun and there are many more designs to choose from. Elves, snowman, gingerbread lady, and more.

Order These Tacky Christmas Face Masks Here

Face Cover Christmas Ugly Sweater Party Cute Snowman Balaclava Unisex Reusable is perfect for any party or just to wear all season long. The material is waterproof, breathable, windproof, and comfortable to wear. I can see this as a great face mask for kids to wear to school.

Order This Tacky Christmas Sweater Mask Here

This is a Christmas 2020 MUST! We will forever remember 2020 and this Christmas face mask says it perfectly! And look how darling it is!

As a fan of The Office, I personally appreciate the humor in this next face mask. Ironically, I just watched this episode last night (season 2, episode 10) so when I came across it, I LOL’D! It’s like I can hear Micheal Scott’s voice in my head saying “Happy Birthday Jesus Sorry Your Part’s So Lame” LOL!!!

Orde This Tacky Office Christmas Face Mask Here

Looking for something that looks a little more homemade? Try the Santa beard and/or reindeer with matching antlers which gives such a cute touch.

Last but certainly not least, Schitt’s Creek!! After dominating the Emmys in 2020, this show is one of our favorites! If you are a fan then you will love this face mask that features David and one of his many famous quotes.

DIY Tacky or Ugly Christmas Face Masks

Or you can always make one yourself! This is a great blog that teaches you how to make your own tacky Christmas face mask yourself. This can be a fun group project, family night activity, or a virtual Christmas party idea.

If we have learned anything in 2020, it’s that Christmas will not look 100% the same as it did last year (for some of us that might be a good thing). The coronavirus has allowed us to get creative and think of some new ways to be together and celebrate. Some of them you won’t ever do again after all of this is said and done but who knows, maybe you might create some new traditions and memories along the way!



  1. I think this is a great idea. We have had Ugly Sweater parties but this year this would be the greatest way to end the year with a little bit of fun….

  2. Love this post and idea! There are some hideous masks out there. As it’s currently lockdown 2.0 here and I’m at high risk so shielding anyway, my friends and I have decided to have a Christmas zoom get together and we all have to wear festive head gear.

    • Optimized Reply

      You can totally still have a contest/party over zoom!

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