Its that time of the year again… Back to school! This year will be different than any other year. Our kids will need to add a face mask to their school supply list. I found some of the best face masks that will add personality to any outfit and protection for their little faces. I even bought them for my teens!

Does it matter what kind of mask you wear?

Absolutely it does!

When it comes to the highest level of protection, N95 respirators win. Surgical grade masks follow closely behind. However, these are mostly used and needed by healthcare workers who need them. Since the supply is limited, we should find other alternatives that are just as protective.

That’s why I wanted to write this blog post!

We found the best reusable face mask for your teen that is also inexpensive and eco friendly.

Want a little life hack to know if your face mask will protect you? Put on the face mask and try to blow out a flame. If you CAN NOT blow it out while wearing it, you have the right one!

There are so many different face masks on the market right now. Different styles, materials, shapes and sizes. It’s hard to know which ones to get for optimal protection.

Take a look at my favorites! They are all:

  • 100% cotton face mask
  • Soft cotton material 
  • Washable & reusable 
  • Comfortable & easy to wear 
  • One size fits most
  • Offers protection indoors and outdoors.

Disclaimer: I want to add that I am not a doctor nor am I associated with the CDC. These are just my personal recommendations.

Old Navy Face Mask For Teens And Adults

Variety 5 Pack of Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Adults for only $12.50!


That is certainly a great deal.

I love all of the colors, prints and patterns.

Here are just a few of the many that you can choose from.

Take a closer look at these Old Nave Face Mask here!

Ulta Cotton Face Mask For Teens And Adults

These cotton face masks are adorable! I fell in love with them and so did my 15-year-old daughter. I even purchased a pack for myself! So if you see a middle-aged woman in a leopard print face mask, it’s me!

Take a closer look at these Ulta Cloth Face Mask here!

Amazon Face Masks For Teens And Adults

I am in love with the sweet little heart on this face mask for teens. A great classic look with a little sweetness added.

best face mask for teens

Take a look at this cute heart and black face mask for teens here on Amazon

and these flowers!

best face mask for teens

Take a closer look at these floral face mask for teens here on Amazon

Black is so simple and classic. You know what they say… black make you look slimmer. I wonder if that applies to your face as well??

best face mask for teens

Take a closer look at closer look at these black face masks for teens here on Amazon

Last but not least, this is a great choice for guys or teens who want a solid classic variety pack. Some people don’t want the color and designs. They just want to grab and go. I can totally understand that!

best face mask for teens

Take a closer look at this assorted pack of face mask for teens here on Amazon

Here are some informational articles from the CDC about face masks. Make sure you discuss these topics with your children before they go back to school so they understand why they need to wear a mask in some situations and how they can protect themselves and others.

How to make your own face mask

If you want to make face masks for your teens, they can choose their own fabric and it will be super inexpensive and a great project to do with your teens! Check out the link below for instructions on how to make your own face mask.

About cloth face masks

How to wash your teens face mask

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  1. Isabella Gallatin Reply

    I love your suggestions! I’m going to share this with my sister. These are are so darn cute, maybe I’ll get one for myself as well.

    • Optimized Reply

      RIGHT!! I want to get the black ones with a heart!

  2. There are some really cute face masks here! I hadn’t realized stores like Old Navy were selling masks with fun prints, should’ve known 🙂 They’re all so cute too, I love that they’re in a 5 pack

  3. These face masks are really cute. I love them. I think these stylish face masks comes to production during COVID. I love them!!!

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