There is one thing I can say about us southern belles, we know how to rock a front porch! Especially in the fall. This is the moment we have been waiting for since the start of August when summer is starting to wear off and we are over this heat and humidity. By now, we are itching to wear our favorite scarves while sitting on our front porch drinking hot pumpkin spice latte.



So… let’s get that front porch fall ready!

I am a little obsessed with buffalo plaid. It’s perfect all year round. But when it comes to fall, buffalo plaid accent pieces transform your porch into a beautiful and festive space that will have your visitors amazed.

Let’s talk about fall wreaths

Wreaths are A MUST! It can say “Hi”, “Hello” or “Happy Fall Y’all”. It adds such a sweet and inviting touch to your front door. Be intentional and make it your statement piece. And no matter what your husband says, it can never be too girly…

I just adore this one. The orange flowers really add a pop of color!

Hello Fall Wreath

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If you are looking for something a little more neutral, this “Hi” wreath is perfect!

Hi Falll Wreath

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Doormats are so essential and not just for wiping your feet on. It tells your guests what to expect when you walk into the door. They set the expectation before your guest ever comes inside. You want to get a doormat that matches your style and personality. That’s why I love the two below. They are so inviting. The top one is a little more classic while the bottom is fun!

welcome door mat

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Fall door mat

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Now, the buffalo plaid doormat below is great by itself or super cute layered with one of the doormats above. You will want to get the plaid mat bigger so it shows underneath it.

buffalo plaid door mat

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Welcome signs are a great addition to your porch decor.

Order WELCOME Yard Sign Here!

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Pillows & Throws

If you have a bench, pew or sitting area on your porch, adding cute buffalo plaid pillows or throw blanket to keep you cozy on a cool fall evening will add the cherry on top.

Order this Buffalo Plaid Throw Here!

Now, this is where the fun starts! You can mix and match the assorted pillows and add the 2 buffalo plaid pillows to the mix for a super cute look.

Order this Set Of 4 Pillows Here!

Order This Set Of 4 Pillows Here!

Order This Set Of 2 Buffalo Plaid Pillows Here!

Putting it all together!

Here are a few fall porch ideas using buffalo plaid that I personally love. You can see how we are taking all of the items and putting them all together to create a front porch that screams FALL IS HERE!!

Reusing Buffalo Plaid All Year Around

The other reason I love buffalo plaid is that you can use the same pieces when you decorate for Christmas. You are basically using the same idea but just switching a few seasonal pieces.

And Spring!

I know you get the point by now but I told you I was obsessed! Now, what are you waiting for… start shopping!

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  1. I was a visitor to Vermont, for a time, three week spats every year; twice a year, over a five year period. Up there, they did seasons greetings most of the year and Valentines day decorations like we in the UK do Christmas. Halloween was huge, and well, now I see it is not just a Vermont quirk but an American themed seasonal thing. Your pictures are super and even if we don’t do it here I have to say it looks welcoming and somehow cosy.

  2. These decorations are beautiful! Since I live in Texas and have a porch, I am obsessed to decorate for every season.
    Fall season is my favorite and I will revisit your blog for some ideas.

  3. While buffalo plaid doesn’t particularly mesh with my personal home style (I have a very bright bohemian vibe throughout our house) I do LOVE it! My sister has a farmhouse, so she utilizes it a lot, and it always looks so gorgeous and cozy. I wonder if there are ways I can still incorporate it that aren’t quite so intense – maybe JUST my front stoop this year haha! It’s so cute!

  4. You’ve inspired me to decorate for fall today! I didn’t even know the pattern was called Buffalo plaid so I love that I learned something new. Beautiful ideas!

    • Optimized Reply

      Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear that. Good luck!

  5. These are such cute ideas! How do you keep the outdoor decoration clean though? Especially the cute checkered rug which would just get muddy when guests come over.

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