Today I am sharing our at-home workout plan perfect for the whole family. Finding a good workout routine to do at home is more convenient when you have a full schedule and a full house. With this free home workout plan perfect for your family, you can encourage a healthy lifestyle that will carry on for generations to come!

I know we are all busy throughout our day but taking 30 minutes to get your heart pumping is beneficial to your health in many ways. For adults, exercise is essential for the following ways:

Just to name a few.

Benefits of working our with your kids

However, the benefits of exercising for kids and teens go far beyond the physical. There are scientific studies that prove the exercising creates a positive connection with their body image.

One way it promotes positive body image is confidence. Getting in a habit of doing some kind of workout on a daily basis will create confidence and help them feel better about themselves. This is true for adults as well.

ADDED BONUS! You get to spend time with your kids doing something positive for everyone!

Always remember, your kids are watching what you do. If your kids see you eating healthy and taking care of yourself, they will more than likely do the same.

This family workout plan does not require anything but a way to watch these videos specifically designed for you and your family by RhiFit.

How will this family workout plan work?

First, you want to find what days you and your family want to workout together. If you have a family calendar, go ahead and plan them for the week. That way everyone knows and is prepared.

Next, take 5 minutes and warm-up prior to starting your workout routine. This can be light cardio like running in place or jumping jacks. This is to get your muscles warmed up before you get started.

Here are the 7 free videos you will follow that will teach you what to do, how to do it and why you should. Eventually, you will remember theses simple steps and won’t have to watch the videos. You can add your own music as well!

It might even be fun to assign a different family member each time to lead the sessions.

At Home Family Workout Plan

Take a look at the introduction video.

Alright! Here you go! Video #1

Way to go! Can you feel that core getting stronger already? Now, video #2!

I bet you are feeling the burn now! No pain no gain… Next is video #3!

Almost halfway done! Keep going! Moving onto video #4

Feel free to take a short break and grab some water if you need to. Once you are ready to get back to it, here is video #5

Why does she make it look so easy? You go Rhi! I don’t know about you but pushups are hard for me. But the only way to get better is to keep doing them. Shake it off and enjoy video #6

Awesome job! You are doing so great. This is the last videos!

Nice job! How did you guys do? Just remember, doing these a few days a week will really make a big difference in so many ways.

I made this for you to print out and add your activities so you can post in your home for everyone to see. Just download this to your computer and print it!

You can add these videos a few days a week and add fun outdoor activities such as riding bikes, hiking or going on a nature hunt. You can also add sports such as soccer, basketball, or lacrosse. Whatever will get you and your family up and moving will be great to add to your family weekly workout plan.

Purposefully Sober

For more information about RhiFit, click here:

She always has fitness programs available and great tips on meal prepping.

Here at Optimized Life, we want to create healthy families and encourage wellness communities. We are simply people who want to live our healthiest and best life possible. Join us!



  1. These are great workout ideas and I’m glad I found it. Will definitely check Rhifit workout guide and see what works for me

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