SUMMER IS HERE! Finally… We went from 2 months of winter hibernation to 3 months of lockdown thanks to Covid 19. I thinks it’s safe to say we deserve enjoying some outside time relaxing and having fun in our pool this summer.


I did some research on the top 3 Amazon pool accessories every adult needs this summer. The great news is, they are all affordable and will add much needed R&R to your pool time.

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First up, Aqua Deluxe Resort 4-In-1 Pool Float

Aqua deluxe 4-in-1 float

This is a cool item to have because it can be used 4 different ways (as seen below) or maybe more if you get creative.

The material is washable, buoyant, durable, and even comes with a tote bag so you can take it with you next time you go on vacation.

Check out this product on Amazon here

#2 Floating Drinking Glass

Seriously friends, there is nothing better than having a floating drinking glass. Not only do these come in handy in your backyard or on a girls trip but they also make a great gift.

These durable and reusable floating drinking glasses are BPA free and eco-friendly. You can help eliminate cups and trash by using your own drinking cups.

Their unique design allows them to stay upright so you can stick them in the sand or grass as well so you can take them to the beach or camping if you wanted to.

Check out this product on Amazon here

Last but certainly not least, Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Colorful Speaker!

flatten speaker

This looks so awesome at night! This speaker changes to 7 different colors and has fun themes as well. It last up to 8 hours floating in your pool, lake, hot tube or bath tub.

This floating speaker was ranked high compared to other wireless waterproof bluetooth speakers. The clear sound quality is amazing because of its high-fidelity stereo.

It has a built in microphone so you won’t miss any important calls while you are enjoying your pool party. This speaker can connect to your phone, tablet or device up to 15 meters.

This is great for indoor use as well.

Check out this product on Amazon here

I can close my eyes and imagine myself after a long day of work (or dealing with #momlife stuff) floating in a pool, having a glass of wine and listening to Drake or Khalid…

Perfect ending to a hectic day.


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  1. Love the floating drink glasses, pretty and functional. Would make great gifts. Thanks for sharing.

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