I had the pleasure of speaking with Warren Casey who is the founder of Sirens Project in Woodstock Georgia about how his Nonprofit has changed since Covid19.

Warren is also a storm chaser, an awesome drum player, a handyman, and an engineer. I’m pretty sure I left something out because I feel like he does so much. 

SIrens Project WOodstock GA
Sirens Project Woodstock GA

He is always such a happy and positive person who always has a smile big on his face. 

He is one of those people you can look at and know there is something different and special about him. He has such a big heart and a big beard!

In this interview, Warren talks about the main mission of Sirens Project and how they have already helped a number of communities after natural disasters prior to Covid19.

The last task they had was aiding in helping clean up and restore Nashville back in March after a massive tornado devastated the community. He explained how their mission was interrupted by Covid19.

Please listen to this amazing organization Warren and his team have put together.

I love what he says about how we can find small ways to help others while staying safe during Covid19.

He gives so many ways we can all come together and help those in need.

If you want to connect with Warren about Sirens Project, you can reach out to him on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/sirensproject


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