Needless to say, Easter will look much different this year thanks to Covid19. Since we can’t get dressed up and go to church, have a community egg hunt or eat brunch with our extended family, I thought of some ways to shop for easter as well as ideas to make this Easter intentional and memorable regardless of the situation we are faced with right now.

Running to the store and grabbing all of the “things” is not as easy as it was a few weeks ago. This year we have to get creative and shop online. I can say confidently that Amazon is our best option when it comes to having everything in one place.

In this guide by Optimized Life, we will give you the best Easter ideas you can find on Amazon.

Let’s start off with Easter baskets and gifts. All of the ideas below will come from Amazon since it is one of the only ways to shop right now. I have also included a link so you can order anything you need.

Disclosure, we are an Amazon affiliate. All that means is if you purchase something using the Amazon link, we get a small commission.

First, you have to have a basket!

Eggs to hid (that’s not candy)

Then, you need to have eggs to put in it!

These glow in the dark eggs are a great idea if you have older kids or if you want to do something a little different this year. You can add whatever you want to them but if they are older (and anything like my kids), I’m sure candy and money would be just fine.

Or you can purchase a big pack of plastic eggs, fill them with toys, candy and quarters and hide them all around your yard.

Squishy Eggs! These are so fun and such a popular toy. Just hide these as they are and your kids will be so happy to find them.

I know I know, SLIME! You either hate it or you don’t mind it. No matter how we feel about this trend that doesn’t seem to ever go away, kids would love to find them in their egg hunt or basket.

The next few are great for egg hunts and also something they can sit and have hours of imagination play after.

This DIY egg kit is a fun activity kids can do and then they can be added to the egg hunt.

I liked this candy kit. It might be fun to have kids make their own Easter candy this year as a way to give them a fun activity to do.

Gifts for toddlers

Gifts for boys

Gifts for tween and teen girls

This next gift is not on Amazon but you can get it in 3 days. I love this idea. Put something meaningful in your kid’s Easter basket this year. More, Please makes a great gift for teen girls! Order your copy today and we will use our fastest shipping to get it in your mailbox ASAP.

These cute little stickers are so popular right now. You can put them on your Hydro Flask, phone, laptop or notebook.

Outdoor Water Fun And Activities

Teen Boy Gifts

I found these books that are so perfect for high school boys.

Sorry, I know that was a long list but there was so much cute stuff and I didn’t want to leave any age out.

I wanted to share some awesome ideas and Easter traditions from a few of my fellow blogger friends. They all have great DIY and Easter activities your family will absolutely love.

Sweet Tooth

Easter Activities

Easter Dinner Idea

This Easter, think about doing something simple and use what you might already have in your pantry or stockpile. Here is an easy dinner idea for your Easter meal.

Cute Bunny Shaped Bread Sticks

Get the full recipe here:

For the recipe, click here:

Get the recipe here:

Get the recipe here:

Most importantly, take time this Easter and remember what’s really important. I’m not sure what everyone is going through or dealing with but I want to encourage you to be intentional, enjoy being with your family and focus on what makes Easter such a special day.



  1. Easter is definitely going to be a little bit different this year. I bought a ham but the sides may be whatever we have in the pantry. I love those bunny rolls!

    • Optimized Reply

      Tell me about it. Its going to be different for sure.

  2. Wow! What a thorough list of gifts to brighten up the holiday (even amidst the pandemic). I absolutely love all the outdoor toys and games included. 🙂

  3. These ideas will make Easter a little bit more worth looking forward to. Glow in the dark eggs are definitely my favorite. Thanks for the post and the attempt to excite us with fun ideas. All the best to you and your family on Easter.

  4. These are great ideas! I did a little Bit of both Amazon and Walmart pickup for my gifts this year!

  5. Great list. Glow in the dark Easter egg is the best among all. Thanks for sharing . I should have read this a lil earlier . Next time I am gonna get the Easter glow egg.

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