I’m not turning my back on Netflix or Disney Plus but watching movies at home in your PJs (or underwear, I’m not judging) just got better. AMC really stepped up their game! AMC Theatre On Demand brings you thousands of the latest movies you can watch on your favorite device anytime and anywhere. SAY WHAT!? Since AMC had to temporarily close all of its locations due to Covid19, this is their way of bringing hours of theatre entertainment into the comfort of your home. We have everything you need to know about AMC Theatre On Demand right here.


How do I use AMC On Demand?

To use AMC On Demand, you need to sign up for a free AMC Stubs Insiders account. If you do not have one, sign up here.

Do I need a subscription to enjoy this service?

AMC Theatres On Demand does not require a subscription. You just pay as you rent or you can purchase the movie and keep it.

What devices can these services be supported?

AMC On Demand can be accessed on Smart TVs, Mac or Windows computers, iOS or Android mobile phones, tablets, and on Roku devices.

Can I watch movies that are currently in theatres On Demand?

It usually takes around 60 days for movies to get from the theatre to AMC On Demand. So, you can’t see them right away but it will be soon after.

When I rent a movie, how long do I have access to it?

Once you play the movie, you have 48 hours to watch it as many times as you want. You will get 30 days from the time you rent until the time you press play to access it.

How much is it to rent the movies on AMC On Demand?

All movies start at $5.99 to rent.

How much is it to buy a movie on AMC On Demand?

All movies start at $5 and you keep them forever.

What kind of movies can I watch?

PLUS thousands of New Releases, Top Rentals, Old School, Popular Family Movie and more!

Let’s face it, streaming movies is the way to go these days. Well, speaking from a parent with 3 kids and a hectic schedule… It’s easily $100 for a family outing to the movie theatre just for someone (husband) to fall asleep and the kids getting up 10 times to go to the bathroom.

I know this is a difficult time for Americans and people all over the world. We are in a situation where we need to stay inside of our homes. It’s little things like this that will help create family memories so when we look back at this time months from now we can say, “I know it was bad but at least we were able to spend time together, watch movies together and relax”.

To sign up for AMC Theatre On Demand or for more info, CLICK HERE!



  1. This is amazing! OMG! Being home with three kids under the age of 5, this is life saving right now! We are going to setup a movie day this evening with a fort, popcorn and a new movie we haven’t seen!!!!! Thank you for sharing

  2. Did not know about this! I like the $5 movie price too! Rentals are about the same price but possibly has more brand new movies than other services. Thanks, gonna check this out.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! We are big movie lovers in my house, but even with a new baby going to the movies was out of the question before this health crisis started. Am going to check this out!

  4. Wowowowow! I have been missing going to the movies so much and I didn’t even know this was a thing!! Thank you for the information.

  5. I’ve never heard about this before but I love the wealth of options the US has when it comes to subscription services!

  6. I love that buying the movie and keeping them is cheaper than buying the DVD! Love this idea so much, can’t wait to check it out for myself!

  7. That seems like a great service. Honestly this quarantine stuff has made me go mad. I am scratching my brains for some good quality content.

  8. I honestly feel technology is taking over the world. There won’t be any DVD/CD shops around soon. Great post – This service sounds amazing.

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